Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Renovations, Celebrations and Other Boring News

I can't seem to think in story mode any more.  Not sure what has changed, but every time I go to write...especially on this blog, I just have thoughts come to me in little bursts.  Some really cool things have been happening around here but individually it would take me forever to tell you about them.  I need to blog daily instead of weekly to get back to story mode.  For today though, I think I will just stick with what is easy to spit out and give you an update in bullet form.  This is for Bob and Lana...let's catch up!

1.  Got a call from Chip's Neurologist and his EEG is still reading as abnormal.  Bummer.  He really wants to stop taking his medication.  I guess we have another year of pills in front of us.  That is not cool.

Love this kid.  The best news is that 100% of kids outgrow this form of epilepsy.  So, it will happen.  Just not this year.  We are going to party like some animals when we finally get normal EEG results.

2.  The boys bedroom transformations are about complete.  It was a heck of a weekend of work, but they are both thrilled.  We spent my birthday working from 8:30 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. taking apart furniture, moving furniture, painting walls, painting furniture, hanging things, moving lots of heavy things, throwing away, sorting, dragging, building.  It was extreme.  I loved it.  Mostly I love that it is done.  My boys (Hubby especially) were such troopers.  Hubby lifted so much stuff all by himself...like sofas....dressers...it was impressive.  My and Harry were worthless to him.  He was also a building machine.  Bookshelves and TV stands were no match for him.  Now to understand what an awesome birthday gift this was, you have to understand that home improvement projects are way, way down on Hubby's list of favorite things to do.  In fact, he would rather pull out his own teeth than be trapped in the house all day doing all the things we did.  So it was an exceptional gift of his time and talents.  It was a great family bonding project too.  By 10:30 on Sunday night everything was funny...we were all tired but Harry and Chip kept us cracking up!  I will take pictures when we get the last finishing touches done.  Their rooms are very cool.

3.  Two songs that I have been playing on repeat on my iPhone...Learning to be the Light by NewWorldSon and Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave.  Love them both so much.

4.  Hopdoddy Burgers in Austin is hands down the best salad (Baby Kale) and maybe the best burger (Buffalo) that I have ever eaten.  Don't even get me started on their Parmesan Truffle fries.  Heavenly.  All you out-of-towners that come here for a visit.  Make me take you there when you come for a visit.  Seriously.  Don't let me forget.

5.  We spent all day Saturday with the Templeton family.  It was an epic family day.  We went to a new place called Top Golf.  So fun.  Even if you stink at golf.  I loved it as did everyone else.  Out-of-towners....remember that place too!  After Top Golf we hit Hopdoddy...a first for all of us.  Next, we went to the Pinball Palace and went all old school with some Mario and Gallaga.  Then wound down the evening watching the Hall of Fame induction ceremony and eating cake!  It was a very fun day filled with lots of laugh.  Perfect birthday celebration.  Being 47 isn't that bad.

6.  Baseball is cranking back up.  Get ready for some Fall Ball.

7.  Me and Martha are walking 6 miles in the mornings and my hips are killing me.  Not sure what is up with that.  We have been walking for years.  It may be that I need new shoes.  I am over my hips aching.

8.  Speaking of Martha, that sweet girl bought me a new Bible for my birthday.  It is beautiful and I love it.  Very cool gift.

9.  Harry and his buddies went to the gas station to buy real Twinkies today. They had been eating Dreamies or some knockoff of Twinkies and wanted to try the real deal.  Those Twinkies did not disappoint.

10.  Harry ran over the portable basketball goal with his truck. No damage to either, but it was exciting.

11.  My girl Karen is moving in 10 days.  It makes me sad if I think about it too long.  I will miss her so much.  She said the other day "I'm not dying.  I'm moving!"  Who am I going to borrow soy sauce from?  She is my go to girl in the hood.  Such a good friend.  I miss her already.  Not cool.

12.  Time to get dinner on the table.  The dryer has been on wrinkle prevent for the last thirty minutes and I have been acting like I don't hear the little dinger thing going off.  Always something to do!

13.  I hope when I come back and read this Blog in ten years that it doesn't bore me to tears.

Have a spectacular evening.  It feels like a Shark Week viewing kind of night to me!!

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