Saturday, August 24, 2013

Vacation - Day Four

Day Four of vacation started much like day three - out on the balcony watching the ocean.  So fascinating.  And as I was gathering and repacking clothes I've got to tell you....I started worrying about that drive out of Shelter Cove.  Yowser.  

Chip spotted this awesome rainbow right off the balcony.  He wanted to run down there to see if there was a pot of gold.  It was definitely the end of the rainbow, right?  Sadly, no gold.  

We loaded up the car and started back out to the highway.  Strap in.  Hold on.  Try not to barf.  

No one barfed, but we stopped immediately at this gas station and purchases 7up and crackers to settle all the very unsettled stomachs.  Ugh.  Farewell Shelter Cove!   One and only visit for this old girl!  

We headed for San Francisco, California.  It was a beautiful drive through some famous wine country.  Saw lots of winery's on the side of the road and I might have started drooling a little bit.  We found a great sandwich place called Boudin, SF where we had lunch.  I had a terrific salad with half a sandwich.  The sandwich had ham, brie, apples and chutney. Right up my alley!  

The boys sandwiches were on the famous sourdough bread and they loved it so much we bought a whole loaf of bread on the way out to eat in the car.  Why is bread so good?  

Our first stop was Stadium...home of the Oakland A's.  On this particular day, the A's were having a Cespedes Bobblehead Giveaway and were opening the stadium three hours early for batting practice.  Young Mr. Cespedes won the Homerun Derby this year and puts on a pretty good demonstration during batting practice.   

Now the A's don't usually have very high attendance so we assumed there would not be many people there.  Boy were we wrong!  We pulled up at 2:30 for a six o'clock game and the place was packed!!!  They were tailgating and huge long lines were forming to get in when they opened the gates.  It felt like  playoff atmosphere.  

We got in line and it was a different world than we have ever experienced at a major league baseball game.  Fans were carrying CASES of beer and trying to down them before they got up to security and went through the gate.  They were handing out their extra beers to people - it was a party!  Security was out in the parking lot yelling "You better finish those bottles before you get to the front of the line!"  We were stepping over bottles and boxes and piles of trash.  It was like a massive parade and run through there.  I kinda liked it!

This is three hours before the game even started!!  Crazy Town! 

We thought we might not score a bobble head because we were so far back in line, but we got some of the last few!  More sports treasures. 

The weather was spectacular and the stadium was not bad.  The boys said it was voted the second worst stadium in the MLB.  I did not agree with that at all.  I enjoyed it very much. 

Mostly, I think I enjoyed the fans.  They love their A's.  And the weather?   Forget about it!!!  Gorgeous!  Sunny and you would get a little warm but there was a cool breeze that just perfectly cooled you off.  It was spectacular.  

We did have a ruckus a couple sections over from us and a couple of Indians fans got escorted out by Security. The As fans cheered like they had won the world series when those guys were walked out.  Then maybe one other guy, who thought he was being funny by fake punching a police officer was handcuffed and escorted out.  But otherwise it was lovely.

Well, we did have the one other incident where black smoke started billowing over the stadium during the game.  Apparently three cars caught on fire in the parking lot.  You don't see that every day either.  Maybe that excessive drinking in line is not such great idea.  Otherwise, it was great!

We left the A's game in the top of the eighth.  The boys were giving me sad eyes because I wanted to leave early, but we got here three hours before the game started.  I was ready to hit the hay!  

We still had to drive over to downtown San Francisco to our hotel for the night.  We fell into bed about 11:00.  We were on the 15th floor of the hotel and just as I was about to doze off I thought about an earthquake.  Do you run out?  Stay in?  Get under a desk?  Stand in a doorway?  Get in the bathtub with a mattress over you?  No, that is tornado.  Definitely don't get in an elevator, right?  Or is that for fire?  Damn, they should have some earthquake instructions around here. 

I somehow managed to fall asleep despite my lame knowledge of earthquake procedures.  Thankfully, I  woke up the next morning with no evidence of an earthquake occurring!  Hurray! 

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