Friday, August 23, 2013

Vacation - Day One

Let's get this party started!  Let's relive the excellent family vacation where we traveled to the west coast for giant redwoods, the drive of death, spectacular views of the ocean, food, fun, fog, laughs and of course, baseball! 

We left Texas last Wednesday and it was a steamy, sticky, hot day!  

The boys are professionals at the traveling business and know the drill at the airport better than I do.

There were some crazy long lines for security.  Way longer than we have ever seen at Thanksgiving or any other holiday.  We stood in line for close to an hour.  Glad we arrived early. 

Hubby was wrapping up some work calls while we tried to decompress into vacation mode.  That always includes a stop at Manja pizza for the boys.  They swear the airport Manja pizza beats any pizza they have ever eaten. 

Come on, Dad!  Get off the phone!!  We are boarding! 

The flight from Texas to Salt Lake City was bumpy as all get out!  I did not like it one bit.  But, we made it safely which is all that really matters.  

This is a picture that Harry took out of the window of the airplane on the way from Salt Lake City to Portland Oregon.  Isn't that gorgeous? 

We arrived in Portland in the late afternoon.  Visited with a really nice old fella on the plane that was going to his 50th high school reunion.  He talked sports with the boys and had some great stories as all old fellas seem to have.  Then we saw him down at the car rental and he acted like he had no idea who we were!  We talked to him for 15 minutes about 30 seconds earlier.  It just cracked us up!

We finally found (our GPS stinks and we literally drove in circles trying to find the joint)  a restaurant called RAMS.  They had some Buttface Beer.  Who doesn't just love that name?  Makes you want to drink it right?  Or maybe just order it so you can say Buttface.  

I had a fantastic Salmon and Hummus salad that was scrumptious! 

Then we headed down the road toward California.  Found a LaQuinta Inn outside of Grant's Pass to call home for the night.  Slept like a rock.  

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