Monday, August 26, 2013

Vacation - Day Seven

The final day of vacation we had some time to burn in the morning before our flight home.   
Our first stop was "the curviest street in the world" at Lombard in downtown San Fran. 

These folks don't know curvy...they should drive the Road of Death before they start bragging about their little half block of beautifully manicured winding road.  No one barfed.  The brakes weren't smoking.  Come on! This was kid's stuff.  

Next up we went back over to Giants stadium for a stadium tour.  We have just in the last few years started doing stadium tours and they are always so interesting.  

We all enjoyed AT&T park the night before so it just goes to figure that we would like the stadium tour.

Here the boys are in the press box. 

Not a bad view for the newspaper and radio folks. 

This is the view from one of the suites. 

They had a terrific display of memorabilia on the club level.  Everything from a perfect game that was pitched to these game used bases from various big moments in Giants history. 

They also had several Snoopy figures.  Apparently Charles Schultz was a big time Giants fan! 

This is the display for I believe Matt Cain's perfect game - the pitching rubber, home plate, a big pile of dirt from the mound, tickets from that night, baseballs, champagne bottles, the umpires hat.  It was a very cool display of an awesome accomplishment. 

Then the highlight....getting on the field and in the dugout.  Such a thrill for baseball fans. 

Definitely their favorite part.  

The family in the dugout!

On the field.

We got to go see the batting cages that were behind the dugout...even cooler was that this was the Red Sox dugout for the series.

Harry found Nava's bat in a basket.  He tried to put it down his shorts and walk out with it, but it didn't work!  He had to leave it there!  Although, my boys did pick up a stray baseball and bring that home.  They need to be frisked before leaving a stadium!  

We had a wonderful vacation and felt like we got to see and do a lot of things!  Our flight home was a direct flight on JetBlue with a TV behind every seat.  That just really helps pass the time and it seemed like we were landing just shortly after taking off!   I flipped between HGTV and Food Network and was ready to eat and paint a room by the time we landed! 

I hope you enjoyed sharing our vacation memories with us!  

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming......


  1. LOVE the blogs! LLL

  2. Love the vacation!! I especially enjoyed the pics from the first place and the tide pools. I want to brave the Road of Death to go there!

  3. Love, love all pics. Those boys are lucky fellows to have parents like you and hubby. Can't believe that Harry grew so dang tall. Chipster will be catching up I'm sure. I am going to try to find the Death road on Google earth.