Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vacation - Day Six

We woke up at the Best Western and the plan was just to hang out and play for the day.  They had a great heated pool so the boys were both up for that. 

Bonus was that they had a basketball goal.  Give a boy a ball and a hoop and they can entertain themselves for a good long while.  Me and Hubby did not get in.  It was way too chilly for me.

We did play several rousing rounds of Shuffleboard.  That game is pretty fun.  

Then it was off to lunch and then they hit the basketball court!  

Just like playing in the driveway. 

We headed back into San Fran at about 4:00 with plans to see a Giants game. 

The Golden Gate bridge was not complete shrouded in fog so we stopped at the park and climbed up the hill to the vista overlook.  

It was so WINDY!  I mean look at my hair.  Hubby's hat blew off and so did Chips. It was seriously windy up up on that bluff! 

We made our way down to AT&T park and got a great parking spot.  We toured around the outside of the stadium.  They have the infamous McCovey Cove where home run balls hit the water.  All along the pier surrounding area were personalized bricks donated by Giants fans.  Some said things like "From the Stone Family...biggest Giants Fans ever!"  Other said "In Memory of Sarah Rice...we know you are watching the Giants from Heaven".  One that cracked me up said "Jim Brown.  #1 Giants Fan.  Dodgers SUCK!"  Sounded like something a Red Sox fan would say about the Yankees. 

The boys are all loving this. 

AT&T park is seriously one of the nicest ballparks I have ever been in....and I have been in a few.  It felt old but was new.

Look at this store!  If they don't have doesn't exist.  It was two level of everything giants you could ever want.  Tons of memorabilia, shirts, jerseys, they had it all. 

Inside the stadium was so pretty.  Clean.  Great views.  It felt small but held a lot of people.

We were lucky enough to see the Red Sox play the Giants.  It was the 227th consecutive sellout for the Giants.  Isn't that impressive?  They have some serious fans. 

The boys were out to right field to try to snag a batting practice ball while Big Pappi was taking his warm up swings.  They got so close!  The guy next to them caught a ball!  

It was getting colder and colder as the sun went down. Coats coming out and getting put on. 

Then I found this delicious little "Fully Loaded Bailey's Coffee"!  It costs an arm and a leg, but damn was it good!  Warmed me right up! 

Look at some of these food choices in Giants stadium...crabs, chowder, fish and chips!  

In the outfield they have a giant Coke Bottle and glove.  The coke bottle is a slide.  In fact it has four different slides in it.  Chip went down before the game. 

It is almost game time so we headed to our seats.  

We were in the nose bleed section, cause those Red Sox tickets sell out early.  I think there were as many Red Sox fans in attendance as there were Giants fans.  

We had a great view of the kayakers out in the cove waiting for potential home run balls. 

David Ortiz struggled and did not hit one out during the game, although he put two in the water during batting practice.  The Red Sox did come out swinging early and led the entire game.

There was a beautiful moon. 

The wind was wicked.  Fortunately our backs were blocked by a wall so we were protected, but look at the flag above our seats.  It was ripping in the wind.  I thought it might blow right off. 

We stayed till the very bitter end and the Red Sox won!  They normally lose whenever we manage to see them in person, so it was a thrill that they pulled out a win! 

What a beautiful stadium and a great game!  

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