Friday, August 23, 2013

Vacation - Day Three

We woke up super early and promptly crawled out to the balcony to see where we had landed after the treacherous DRIVE OF DEATH!  You have to type that in all caps, because lowercase just does not give you the impact that is necessary! 

Me and Chip waiting for the sun to come up.  Note the blankets and coats.  It was chilly! 

Once it was light enough we headed down to the shore.  Let's see what these Tide Pools are all about. 

In all the little crevices of the rocks that had been covered overnight by water were now little ocean treasures.  A whole slew of them.  With all kinds of awesome sea creatures.

The fog was heavy and it we were all soaked in our coats but it was very cool!  

The sand was a dark coarse grey rock.  I have not seen anything like that before. 

This is a view of "The Tides Inn" where we stayed.  
I would recommend it, but you have already read about the drive.

But look what else we found on the beach! 

Seals.  In the wild.  In their natural habitat.  Tons of them. AWESOMENESS! 

What a precious creature.  He probably would have eaten our faces off if we had gotten any closer.  For the record we were pretty darn close. 

Hubby took 1850 pictures this trip (That is the official count. For reals.)  He took most of them in Shelter Cove. 

I took a few.  Mostly of my boys butts.  Looking for treasures.  Daring each other to touch something.

 What an adventure. 

Cool crab.

Chip was going in after something in a big tide pool  I was trying to save him from getting wet. 

What are you after??

A starfish!  How cool!!!  Harry was doing a running commentary that went something like this...."Hey there Mr. Starfish.  The Clampett's are here and they are going to rip you from your natural habitat so they can hold you.  Not to worry, I think you can grow one of your arms back if they accidentally dismember you."   Good times.

We crawled all over this joint.  Climbing up and over rocks.  Jumping up.  Jumping across.  Exploring all the cracks and crevices and screaming for everyone to come see what we found.  That was mostly Chip. He found a lot! 

Right up the road a piece, about 1/3 of a mile was the Lost Coast.  Bill told us not to miss it.  This was after I hunted him down and said "In all that great advice you gave me yesterday, you never mentioned the road into this place!"  He smiled and said "Well, we want people to come."  

There was this awesome path to the Lost Coast Beach.  What wasn't awesome was that there was a Bear Warning sign cautioning you to carry a bear canister.  What the hell is a bear canister???  Do you hide your food in it?  Spray a bear with it?  Hide inside it if you see a bear???  We aren't from these parts.  We wouldn't know a bear canister if it ran up and introduced itself so we just risked it and made lots of noise heading down the path.

At the base of the path, right on the ocean was this spectacular little stream.  Oh, it was so beautiful.

The place was practically deserted.  Way to dangerous to get in the water because the rip tides are supremely powerful.  There were warning signs every where not to get in the water.

Bill told us this was the highest mountain range (4,000 ft) that was on a beach in the U.S.  

It was foggy so it was hard to get a good picture, but it was very sheer cliffs with gorgeous trees.  Just stunning.

It looked like Jurassic Park and Land of the Lost combined.  I could totally picture a giant dinosaur coming out of the woods or Will Ferrell.  You choose. 

These grey and white rocks covered the beach.  Can you guess how many my boys threw in the ocean?  A TON!!  I am surprised there were any left.  

I did bring one home to make a necklace.  

We meandered down the beach and rescued a couple of starfish that had gotten themselves beached and then folks started getting hungry!  We needed to find some food around here! 

Later I asked Bill about the bears and he said "Oh yea, we have lots of bears.  In fact, they have recently been in the garage here at the hotel."  

Damn Bill, you left out a lot of pertinent information in your brochure.  Drive of Death and Bears on Property are some things I would like to know ahead of time!  But he is probably smart, cause I probably wouldn't have ever come.  

We drove past the local lighthouse and went in to see a little history while we waiting for the lunch places to open at 1:00.  Doesn't that seem a little late?  Shelter Cove runs on its own time schedule.  Speaking of schedule, the lighthouse guy told us that most kids are home schooled in the Cove, but those that ride the bus have a two hour ride to school and a two hour ride home.  Four hours of your day on that hideous road.  I cannot even imagine.

This little pizza place was perfect.  I had a lovely wedge salad and the boys ordered pizza.

It was really good!  We enjoyed eating outside on the lovely patio.  I could never, ever, ever live here but I could understand how some people could.

After our late lunch we hung out on the beach some more and then finally went in to get cleaned up and maybe take a siesta out on the little balcony.  The sound of the ocean and all that fresh air can make a person tired! 

  Hubby and Harry went back down to the beach before we went next door to dinner.  They saw the coolest thing ever.  A sea otter.  Eating a crab.  It jumped right out of the ocean and hauled that crab with it.  They said the crab was fighting it like crazy.  The crab lost.  And the sea otter ate his dinner. 

You won't see that in Texas!  What a treat!  So glad he had the camera so I could check out the otter. 

Later in the evening we went next door to a restaurant called The Cove.  I told the boys to bundle up because it was going to be getting cold.  They looked at me like I was a loon.  Mom, it is literally like a one minute walk to the restaurant.  We will be fine.  I had on a coat and scarf.

We walked into the place and it was like a furnace!  I was sweating immediately.  Stripping out of the scarf and coat before we even sat down.  They got a big laugh out of that.  It was a nice dinner...only marred by the local guy singing with his guitar.  Oy...painful.  Why is that so awkward.  I had a beautiful bowl of chowder and grilled fish. Yummy!   Chip tried Fish and Chips for the first time and loved them.

We wound down our day watching the tide come in and the sun go down.  We were all ready for bed at 8:30.  It was a terrific day.


  1. Oh my gosh what a vacation I saw some of your sight and you can not tell or take a picture just have to see it for your self. Was the mountain taken from the plane Mt Hood cause I went up there and ate at a lodge beautiful
    Love. Mer

  2. Hey Mom - We never could figure out what mountain that was peeking through the clouds...just that it was stunning! We saw some awesome sites on our was like nature on steroids!!

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