Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rapid Fire

So much to little time to say it.

Rapid Fire....

1.  Work is trying to kill me. It is Government year end - always the busiest time of year.  My company officially split into two new companies last Friday.  Ridiculous amounts of administrative actions being thrown our way due to the split.  We are in a system blackout because of the split for about 10 days.  We won a new Task Order last week.  Should be good news but ACKKKKKK ..... more work!!  Audits.  Big proposal coming soon.  Very, very soon.  Flying to Bama this week for three days of training.  Trying to get the training slides updated - procedures re-written or written to match the training.  I have hives (for reals) and sores in my mouth.  Hair is falling out.  I am eating like it is my job.  Stress is a beast and right now it is soundly kicking my ass!

2.  Chip is already playing songs on the trombone.  Ridiculous how quickly he has picked up playing the trombone and reading music. He is a natural.

3.  Harry received an acceptance letter from Arizona State University and was accepted into the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.  Wow.  So very proud of him.  Now he wants to visit ASU and Bama one more time and then decide where he wants to go.  Let's do it!

4.  We went to Washington DC last weekend.  Me and the boys gave hubby baseball tickets for his birthday in August.  He only lacks going to a couple of baseball stadiums before he sees them all.  The National's Park was one of them.  We flew up on Friday night and went to a Smithsonian Museum on Saturday, visited Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier then headed over to the baseball game.  It rained.  It rained so much, the game was rained out.  Super sucky!  We did get in to check out the stadium, buy some snacks and souvenirs and watch the rain fall.  I am calling it visited.  Mark it off the list.

5.  Harry asked his girl to Homecoming.  She said yes.  That means I get to make a Homecoming Mum.  It is a big deal here in Texas.  The mums are given to girls to wear to school on Friday.  They are huge elaborate ornate corsages with tons of ribbons and streamers, etc.  I cannot wait to get my glue gun fired up for that!  Should be fun.

6.  Chip is rocking middle school.  Getting great grades.  Making new friends.  Trying to get taller than me.  Good stuff.

7.  Harry got the part of "The Head Guard" in the high school musical production of "Shrek The Musical".  I can't wait to see it.  He also got invited to the State Thespian Festival in November.  Should be a great year in theatre.

8.  Chip is playing baseball again this fall.  They had two terrific games yesterday.  Won both in the bottom of the fifth inning.  Low scoring.  Real baseball.  It was an awesome Saturday of baseball.  We were rained out the rest of the weekend.  Boo!!

9.  The Crimson Tide has been playing some good football.  Still waiting for them to win and mean it!  Always on the edge of my seat with those boys.

10.  Bible Study has been amazing as always.  So enjoy listening to Beth Moore.  She is a gifted speaker and her love of God is contagious and inspiring.  I do wish that my couch was not falling apart.    So embarrassing to have my bible study peeps come over and sink wayyyy down on the couch.  Not sure if we have springs missing, or busted or what...but it is turning into a hazard.  Must find time to shop for a new one!

That is all I have for now.  Have a blessed week ahead.   


  1. the couch is comfy!!!!

  2. Don't you guys need to come see the former Marlin's stadium? ;o)