Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

I'm stalling.  Doing anything I can think of to not have to pull together and scan six work files to send to an auditor.  I am on Holiday this fine Labor Day, but told him I would have the files to him by Tuesday at noon.  That was dumb.  I should have said I would have them to him by noon on Wednesday.

Anyway, in the spirit of stalling to not have to do something that I absolutely must do let's do a little blogging and catch you up on the goings on around these parts.

Weekend got here just in time...first week of school damn near wiped us out.  What I wasn't able to say last week (because someone besides my six loyal readers might have figured out that Hubby was out of town) was that Hubby was out of town.  He left last Monday for work, going to Mexico City and Panama.  So that means I was flying solo for the first week of school.  You may think that is no big thing.  You would be wrong.  It is a big thing.  Figuring out the schedules, who goes where when, getting all the bodies up and moving, lunch packing, getting people to practices, school supplies, working, cooking, etc.  Factor in the fact that Wanda was not at work so work was a big, hot, fresh mess damn near every day.  And it was all just a bit much.

We survived though.  We more than survived, we rocked it.   Unfortunately, I didn't get to fit in my early morning walks last week and that was tough mentally and physically.  However, I found that I used the early morning time so well.  I got up at my same early time and enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee.  Then while Chip was in the shower I made beds, put away clothes, gathered dirty clothes, started a load of laundry.  By the time, he was showered and dressed the house was kind of straight and ready for the day to start.  Harry got up a just as Chip was walking out the door and I got to work.  Awesomeness.

Chip started his daily trombone practice and had baseball practice twice and flag football practice once last.  It was a lot. A bit overwhelming when you throw in all the big changes of going to Middle School, lockers, combinations, eight classes, buses to catch, etc.  I had to talk him off the cliff by Thursday, but nothing that a Dr. Pepper and a hug from mom to smooth things over.  The three day weekend is just what he needed.

Harry has an awesome senior schedule.  Two off periods. Perfect lunch period.  Friends in his classes.  Life is good.  It is also about to get supremely busy.  He has auditions for Shrek the Musical next week.  They are also doing two other productions that he hopes to get a spot in.  Then he is going to do the radio Color Commentary for Eastview High School Football in Georgetown.  He is going to do it with some good friends of ours and I think it will be highly entertaining.  Should be something awesome to put on his resume!  He has Thespian officer meetings and regular meetings.  He has cut back his hours at work, so hopefully his schedule won't get overwhelming!

In other weekend news, me and the boys watched the Bama game Saturday afternoon.  It was painful.  That offensive line has some serious work to do.  If Virginia Tech was pushing those boys backwards you bet your last dollar that the big SECs schools are going to land them flat on their backside.  I hope Nick has some fantastic coaching up his sleeve to make that improvement before they take on A&M.  Otherwise, it is going to be a long year!  

Now quickly, so I can move on to my next stalling project...making dinner.

  • Chip is obsessed with his band fundraiser. 
  • My hips are still killing me.
  • We walked almost six miles this morning at a 14.47 mile pace. That is booking it.  AND there were hills involved.  Wonder if that is why my hips hurt? 
  • My cell phone deleted all the names that go with the numbers in my phone.  Second time this has happened.  It is very helpful. 
  • I worked out on my own at the gym on Friday and did great!  My arms were super sore. 
  • Started super clean eating yesterday.  September will be full of "No thanks, that is not for me right now."  Trying to lose ten pounds before the holidays.  
  • Can you even believe the holidays are right around the corner.  Son of a gun!
  • I have been cutting out felt leaves for my Lakeside craft project.  A hundred of those babies.
  • I went to Sam's today to buy a gross of toilet paper for Lakeside.  They don't take Visa unless it is a debit card.  They also don't take American Express.  I was mortified. Left empty handed.  Embarrassing.
  • We have new neighbors.  I wanted to hate them because they moved into Karen's house, but alas they are nice. Can't hate them.  
  • How many fantasy football drafts are too many?  I think two should be the maximum.  I think Harry has participated in four.  He is over the legal limit. 
That is all for now!  Say a prayer for Bob...he is having prostate and nerve tests done next week.  You don't know funny until you receive one of Bob's priceless emails describing a medical procedure.  I can hardly wait!  

How much do you want to bet I will be up at 4:30 tomorrow a.m.  pulling those audit files together?  

Have an amazing week! 

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