Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend in Review

I hope your weekend was enjoyable.   Ours was nice.   Not to busy.  We were all home a lot.  Weather was wonderful.  Here are the highlights:

Hubby and Harry went to see the Spurs on Friday night.  Chip was supposed to go with them, but he stayed home with me and barfed.  Me and Chip watched Monsters University between cleanup sessions so it wasn't so bad.  Chip felt fantastic on Saturday so it was just a weird little stomach bug. 

Saturday, I got in a great walk with Beth on Saturday morning and then did some serious housecleaning.  It was overdue.  The boys cleaned their rooms really well.  Hubby cleaned up the garage.  I cleaned the fridge within an inch of its life and then went to the grocery store it filled it to the brim.  Made some football game snacks and a big batch of turkey chili.  Yummy. 

We got the Halloween decorations put away and the Christmas decorations out of the attic - we haven't put them out, but the storage bins are now in the guest room so they will be easy to get to when it is time. 

We watched the Bama game and it was outstanding.  A little too close for comfort - as is the norm.  Funny how the score after the game always seems like it wasn't a nail biter when in fact it was very stressful.  Happy we pulled that one out.  Now to get by that damn Auburn!  When did they get so good?  

Harry's girl came over to watch the game and she is just adorable.  She even wore an Alabama shirt, so bonus points for her!  She was very out going with tons of personality.  Does not appear to have a shy bone in her body.  She jumped right in to our crazy Alabama watching shenanigans without batting an eye.  And they won, so maybe we can ask her to come back again.  

I walked with Beth and Annette again this morning and we were busting a move.  I think we walked a little over 5 1/2 miles or so both Saturday and Sunday and did it at a 15 minute per mile pace.  That is hoofing.  My hips were really talking to me afterwards. 

I found and bought a new couch today!  Yay!  Placed my order and it will be delivered on Friday.  Now to figure out what to do with the old couch.  It is not in very good shape, but not something you can just take to the curb.  Hmmm.  Need to figure that one out.  Of course getting a new couch leads to needing a new rug, throw pillows and some lamps in the den.  It is always something, isn't it?  Should be fun to change things up a bit.

I hope your weekend was great and that you can find some joy in the Monday ahead!  I know I can! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Hello again.

I have not been writing for a couple of reasons.  I have been busy.  I have had some big things going on that I didn't think I was ready to talk about and all the other regular day to day stuff just didn't seem worth the effort.  Turns out that I miss the regular day to day stuff. 

So, I am ready to get back to it.  Ready to get back to writing pretty regular.  Ready to get back to the trivial and funny.  Back to the day to day memories. Let's deal with the big stuff in short order and then we can move on. 

Bob's prostate test wasn't great. 
My Granny died.
My mom lost her mom.  That makes me sad.
Bob had his prostate removed and some biopsies taken.
Bob's biopsy came back a little off.
Bob is going to have radiation.
My sweet Harry is going to graduate and go to college.
That makes me so happy, proud, petrified and also gives me a giant hive on my back.
I am calling it my college hive.  It is large and itchy.  I hope it doesn't stay with me the whole time he is in college. 

That is the big, scary stuff that has been happening around here - but I have sat on it, stewed on it, worried over it long enough and now we are going to get back to the regular stuff.  Let me think back over the last few weeks and give you some highlights.  It will be a ten tidbits mini version:

1.  Harry got a great scholarship offer from Arizona State.  I think he has just about decided that is where he is going to go to college.  One more visit scheduled to Phoenix just to be sure. 
2.  Chip was named Super Band Member of the Week at his Middle School!  He was so excited.  And we were so proud of him.  
3.  The very next week, he tripped in the band hall on a girl's trombone and crushed it to smithereens.  Like really crushed it.  He was mortified.
4.  Harry has this disease call "senioritis" - it is a disease where you are already accepted in to a college and so you don't give a crap about the rest of high school.  I thought that might rear its ugly head the last six weeks of school or so....apparently it has struck a little early. 
5.  Chip came home from school today barfing.  He is still barfing at least once an hour.  I love being a mom. Actually, there is not much sweeter than a boy who wants his mom cause he doesn't feel good.
6.  We have the perfect storm happening at work.  Three big fat hairy hard projects all at once.  All with deadlines.  All with big volume of work.  It is fun.
7.  Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away.  What???  How did that happen??
8.  Harry's girl is coming over tomorrow to watch the Bama game with us.  I hope they win or she may not be invited back.  Would that be rude?
9.  Bob sent out a hysterically funny email about having his tubes removed after surgery.  I will be sharing it. You should check will be worth it.
10. Baseball is over.  Flag football is over.  We have nothing this weekend.  It is a beautiful thing.  I am going to clean out the fridge - then fill it up again.  

Glad to be back.  Hope to be back regularly.