Saturday, December 21, 2013

Around the House

Here is a little tour with a few pictures of our Christmas decorations around the house! 

The tree and mantle. I love all the ornaments on our tree.  We get them on every vacation and it brings back such great memories when we decorate it every year.  

Louise's old Carollers!  I love having these and I truly think of her every time I look at them. 

This year I didn't put up the village and just have the singers next to the tree that my Aunt Alice made for me. 

The mantle with Santa and the baby Jesus!  I love this picture over the mantle.  My boys gave me this picture last year. 

The armoire is covered with snowmen. 

The living room along with the Pepsi Santa that was a tradition in Hubby's house. 

My Nativity Set.  I love it.  My favorite Christmas decoration. 

Our wooden lockers with more snowmen. They are everywhere! 

Here is the hutch in the dining room with the majority of my snowman collection.  

There are many, many, many snowmen! 

The front door.  

My snowman cookie jar with the great wine bottle light my mom made!  

I did not take a picture of my favorite little tree that was made by my Mom's friend Ms. Brown. It lives on my dining room table and I didn't take a picture because my table is a HOT MESS with all kinds of wrapping paper and ribbon everywhere!  I will take a picture when it is clean!  

That is the quick tour!  I love our house at Christmas time.  I know for sure that I will not feel that fondly when I have to put all this stuff away!!  

Hope you enjoyed the tour! 

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  1. Your house looks so cozy and warm.. I can smell the hot cider from here. You did a marvelous job decorating and the tree is beautiful. Love the drapes in the LR.
    Where is the Elf???