Saturday, December 21, 2013

Something to Celebrate

We have had some really good news over the last couple of me celebrate!  
Shout out some praise!  Kick up your heels!  Do a little jig!  I have done all of that!  (Well maybe not kick up my heels, cause I really don't understand how that works!) Anyway....

 Lana's biopsy came back normal!  YAY RAH!!!  

 Bob's PSA numbers are super low after his surgery!  YIPEE! 

I thank God every single day for blessing me with such wonderful parents and a family that I adore!  And I thank each of you that prayed along with me for their well being!  God is good!   

Good news on their health is at the very TOP of the blessings I am most grateful for!  Now maybe my stress rash will clear up! 

Can't wait to celebrate Christmas surrounded by the people I love!  So blessed.  So very, very, very blessed! 


  1. Love that picture of your mom and dad! So, so happy to hear the good news. Wish them a Merry Christmas for us.

  2. That is wonderful news. I hope Mer and Paw have a better 2014. Drink wine, it works wonders for stress rashes, stress fractures, stress at work... the list goes on and on. Wine is fine!