Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thirty Years

I posted this yesterday on Facebook:

Something to celebrate...thirty years ago today was the first of many dates with my husband! So proud of the precious family we have and the life we have shared! We are blessed for sure! 

So two of my four regular readers are already on Facebook, but not Sandy or Martha!  This is for you, girls!

What I didn't say on Facebook that I will say here is....WHERE IN THE HELL DID THIRTY YEARS GO???????

My goodness!  Thirty years ago that young boy (a wee bit older than Harry is right now) was waiting in the living room talking to my mom.  His sister's Firebird running in the driveway (cause his Camaro wouldn't start!) so it would be warm when we got in.  We went to El Palacio for dinner.  We laughed when he tried to speak Spanish to order his food.  His three years of high school Spanish never paid off. We saw a movie.  We went to feed the ducks.  We talked on the phone until the wee hours of the morning.  Then the next day he sent me a dozen pink roses.  Sealed the deal.

We were just babies.  Now we are staring fifty in the face.  Time must fly when you are having fun!  

I just laugh to myself when I flash forward to this morning when he says "Huh?" to me one too many times and I almost go into orbit.  "Huh?" is his new favorite word.  I think he doesn't listen.  He thinks he might be losing his hearing.  Either way, it is obvious that things aren't perfect and being in a relationship for thirty years takes determination, patience, a sense of humor and a good deal of persistence.  I am glad we seem to have those in abundance. 

Hope you holidays are rocking along!  We have just about wrapped up our shopping! YAY!!   



  1. What's a Facebook? Thank you for sharing this with your two social media phobic readers. I am so glad that I am not the ONLY one not on Facebook! You know I love your story, Happy 30 years to you both. May the next 30 be even better than the first. I'm curious, what movie did you see? Details, your fans need details!

  2. Wow! What an accomplishment in this day in time. I am proud of you both... So... tell us about the anniversary details... candle light dinner? Roses? Jewels?

  3. And btw, where are the elf antics.. Artie the elf has been on the lamb since the 11th.. Has he gone off to Destin with the bikini chick???