Sunday, December 8, 2013

Top Ten Tidbits

Okay, okay, okay...the pressure is on!  My four sweet readers have sent me some not so subtle kicks in the pants to get back to blogging!  I have pictures to upload from Thanksgiving and our little Buddy the Elf antics around the house, but let's not procrastinate any longer waiting on pictures.  Let me just pound out a quick Top Ten Tidbits so something brand  new will pop up when my tiny but fiercely  loyal group of blog readers check in for an update:

1. Christmas parties make my pants tight.
2. Cold weather is awesome when you get to sit inside next to a roaring fire and drink gobs and gobs of hot coffee.

3. Cold weather is not awesome when you have to go outside for any reason.
4. Christmas shopping in a panic makes you spend a little more than you normally would.
5. My husband was a legit hero this weekend.  He somehow managed to fix my Dad's laptop problem over the phone.  Seriously, that is nothing short of a Christmas miracle.  Seriously. No, I mean for reals.  No joke.
6. Can I possibly root for Auburn in the National Championship game?  I just don't know.
7. Harry will be performing in the Madwoman of Chaillot this coming week.  Am I the only one that has NEVER heard of this production?  I am sure he will be fabulous.  Can't wait to see it!
8.  Chip has his first ever Band Performance on Tuesday evening.  He is going to rock that trombone!  He has been practicing and sounds great.  Hardest part will be wearing jeans to the performance.  Chip hates jeans.  Based on number one above...I am also currently not a fan of jeans.
9.  Please send up a little prayer for my Mom that she gets awesome results on a biopsy being done on the 16th!
10.  Work is going to be busy this week, but after that I think it will slow down for a while. I am very much looking forward to slowing down!  Just in time to enjoy the holidays!

11.  A bonus number eleven.  One day I hope I can share the cell phone and candy corn stories my parents shared with me over Thanksgiving.   Laughed so hard...but in a way that almost made me want to start checking into some assisted living for the two of them!  My goodness they crack me up!

Have a great week - stay warm if it is cold where you are!

Thanks for missing me.


  1. Thanks for the blog. As usual it was quite informative. The phone and corn stories will be one of our top secrets until we enter the Assisted living facility

  2. I missed you too but was trying not to nag! Do not like #9. At all. Sending out love and prayers for your mom and dad.

  3. nice to have you back

  4. BEEEautiful fireplace! Where's the damn elf! ;o