Thursday, October 23, 2014

Top Ten Tidbits

This is for my mom and Liz who miss my ramblings.  So much to tell you.  Top Ten Tidbits is the best I can do with the time that I have.  Turns out these aren't tidbits as much as they are short stories:

1.  Harry and Hubby went on a spectacular boys trip during Harry's fall break from college.  They met in St. Louis to see a college football game, two Cardinals baseball playoff games and a Monday night football game.   Harry flew by himself and made it just fine.  I worry.  My husband took 579 pictures over the four days.  Some of them were spectacular.  Four of them were of my son that I hadn't seen in eight weeks.  Four.  Four out of five hundred and seventy nine.  What is wrong with him?

Here are some of the great pictures and one of the pitiful ones of my firstborn.

2.  Good thing I was going to see that boy of mine in person a few short days later.  I went to Phoenix for Parent Weekend and got to spend a day and a half with my Harry.  Just me and Harry.  We had dinner, we went to a fall baseball game, restocked his snacks at Target and went to a terrific ASU football game.  That place was rocking and the atmosphere was so electric for the Sun Devils to put it on Stanford!  He was so sweet to me while I was there, although I think he was happy to drop me off at the hotel at night and get back to his regularly scheduled programming.  He is so happy at ASU.  He has a great group of friends.  Really nice guys and they are doing fun stuff.  He is getting his school work done.  Attending tons of sporting events. Staying up too late. Playing wiffle ball. Poker for saltine crackers. Going to the movies - bowling - playing tennis.  They have all chipped in on a tent to spend the night outside of the ASU ticket booth to get great football seats.  Harry has secured a position as the women's basketball reporter. He has been on the field to take photos at an ASU football practice and one of them was published on the Walter Cronkite Sports Network (WCSN) Facebook page - GO HARRY (never mind that he skipped his math class to go take pictures!  Minor details)!  He is going to be on the field taking pictures during the Utah vs ASU football game.  On the field.   During the game.  That ought to be a thrill.  He said to me while I was there "This place feels like home to me now.  I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else."  I am so happy for him but I would be lying if I didn't admit that it felt like ripping a bandaid off again.  He is on his way.  Doing his thing.  Creating a life.  A life that does not include daily involvement of his mother.  That is sucky and stupid and wonderful.  I am a tortured soul.

3.  Funny thing is that Hubby has a work thing in Phoenix this weekend.  Some awards banquet thing he is emceeing.  Anyway, that will make three weekends in a row that Harry has seen one of us. Not sure he is thrilled!  Ha!

4.  Here is a not so funny thing.  In an email exchange I had with Harry a few weeks ago he told me he thought Alabama football was losing its luster for him.  WTH???  Lana, that stands for What The Hell!  I almost flew out there and drug his butt back to the motherland. How did we go wrong?  Weren't we good enough parents?  Eighteen years of pouring into that boy and in eight short weeks all of our work was undone.  He said he didn't know who he would root for if ASU played Bama.  Couldn't believe it.  What are they putting in the water out there???  He meant it too.  

5.  More in the not so funny category.  I have hurt my back.  Guess how I did it.  Go ahead.  Guess something physical - like lifting a car - carrying a heavy vacuum upstairs.  Nope.  It wasn't anything physical.  Guess something weird like - twisting around to reach something in the back seat or putting something heavy up on a high shelf.   Nope.  It wasn't twisting in a weird way.  It was plugging in my cell phone. Not even in an outlet near the floor.  In an outlet on my kitchen island. Plugging my phone charger into the waist high, no bending  required, outlet in my kitchen island.  I reached.  It felt like I got hit by lightening.  It immediately felt so hot.  Then the pain. Ugh. Hurt so bad.  I went directly into lamaze breathing and thought for second I might be having a heart attack!  Do I wake up Hubby at 4:45 a.m. or just breathe through it?  I breathed through it.  The pain is right under my bra strap more on the right side more than anywhere else.  Son of a....  How old are you when you hurt your back plugging in your phone?  Old.  It doesn't hurt too much if I am standing and looking straight ahead.  If I sit or God forbid look down at my feet.  YOWSER!  Pain.  I am three days out from the initial injury and it is feeling a little better.

6.  Chip is doing great!  He had another foot injury after his Sever's Disease situation with his left foot.  We are calling it a football injury, but really he was on the bus to head to the stadium to play a game and remembered he left his backpack in the gym.  The coach told him to hurry up and go get it. He was running to the gym and his cleat got stuck in the sidewalk.  His body kept going but his foot did not.  He played the game, but was crippled afterwards.  I took him to the doc in the box the next morning and they did some x-rays on his right foot.  The doctor thought the long bone on the outside of his foot might be broken, but sent it off to the radiologist for an official reading.  Turns out it wasn't broken, just strained muscles that put him in a walking boot for a week. The boot helped a ton and he really felt better in a week. So, he is Offensive Lineman for a week - water boy for a week - Offensive Lineman for a week - water boy for a week.  Dang feet.

7.  Chip had his best game ever against the Cougar's mortal enemies the Wildcats this week.  We hate those Wildcats for some reason.  The Wildcats gave us a firm spanking in the scoring category but the Cougars had some seriously impressive drives.  The last eight minute quarter the Cougar offense was on the field for seven minutes and 45 seconds.   They drove the whole length of the field and punched the ball into the end zone.  Then they added a sweet two point conversion.  It was a great drive and even though they came up short, they were psyched.  I was super proud.  Ms. Beth came out to see Chip do his thing!  And also he was one of the Team Captains for the night.  AND NO FOOT PROBLEMS!  Woo Hoo!

8.  A couple of weekends ago, I had a Friday night to myself.  Hubby was out of town with Harry.  Chip had a band concert (that was excellent) and then he went to a friend's birthday party.  Then he stayed the night with some of his buddies after the party.  So after the concert I was flying solo.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to go to the new Whole Foods in town.  You know, walk up and down every aisle and look at EVERYTHING.  All that organic, natural, awesome stuff I never have time to look at.  Well, Whole Foods is a hot spot. That place was crawling with people.  I made it into the produce department and immediately heard this older lady yelling at her husband.  Loud.  I thought to myself that she must be coming off sugar and that is what was making her cranky.  I know this from experience.  So I am gazing at all the fabulous apples and out of the corner of my eye I see a guy carrying a little baby.  He dips down on the other side of the apple display and I thought he must have dropped that baby's pacifier or blanket.  Then I see him dip down again.  And AGAIN.  That fool was doing lunges through Whole Foods while holding a baby.  I mean, come on.  That is ridiculous, right?  It isn't just me that thinks it is crazy to do lunges all through a grocery store while holding your baby.  I couldn't even concentrate.  I was totally on edge after that.  I am not even healthy enough to shop at Whole Foods.  I better stick to my HEB.

9.  Chip got to run the chains at the 8th grade football games on Tuesday night with his buddies.  He was thrilled.

10.  Good night. Farewell. Running out of gas and interesting tidbits.  May your weekend ahead be exceptional!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Ups and Downs of Football

The Cougars played Monday night against Hernandez Middle School.  It was a beautiful afternoon at the Cougars home field!  There were cheerleaders and banners to run through!  Oh yeah! 

Let's Go Cougars! 

Everybody do that Cougar Rumble! 

C - O - U - G - A - R - S! 

Here they come! 

There is my favorite Left Tackle #65!  

Ms. Connie (my sweet friend and Chip's Preschool teacher) and her daughter Brittany (Drew's favorite ever babysitter and first crush) came to watch Chip's game!  So sweet!  He was tickled! 

The Cougars return the kickoff for a touchdown!  Woo Hoo!  Great start! 

They got the two point conversion and went up 8 - 0! 

Didn't realize that is all the scoring that would happen for the whole game.  The Cougars starting QB went out and look at this little pumpkin who played QB.  Isn't he so cute??  

Also, super cute is Chip's football buddy.  They have been friends for years and years! 

Cute shirt!  Super cute young lady! 

Cougars have several fine defensive stands and hold the other team to a goose egg on the scoreboard!  They were so happy to get a W! 

Look  at that smile!  Chip said he has the best Football Buddy of anyone.  The first week she game him a cool sports necklace that was black and red.  Then this week she gave him a giant bag of gum and blow pops!  That is sweet! 

After the game, Chip's left foot was killing him.  He was limping like an old man.  The pain was mostly in the heel of his foot.  Tuesday I sent a note to the coaches and asked if he could take it easy till we got the foot thing figured out and I called to get an appointment with a pediatric podiatrist.  

This is a picture from today at the doctor's office.  Where is that smile, Chip?  The doctor gave him a thorough review and took an X-ray of his left foot.   Diagnosis is Sever's Disease...inflammation of the growth plate of the heel.  All the football workouts and working his calves so much have tightened up his Achilles and plantar tendons and caused them to aggravate the growth plate and it is really inflamed.

The doctor said he needs to do five things to make it better.

1.  Ice - Minimum of three times a day for 10 minutes each time.  
2.  Advil - 3 times a day for 7 days
3.  Stretch - 3 times a day and before and after activities
4.  Inserts for his Shoes - we got some for cleats and tennis shoes
5.  Rest - The doctor said to give him at least a week of rest which means he can start back to practice next Tuesday morning.  

The doctor said if Chip did all five of these consistently that he should be remarkably better next week. Chip said the inserts felt so good.  He probably has horrible feet like his mother!  Sorry Chip! 

 He is very sad about being out of practice this week and missing the game on Monday.  Hopefully, his foot will recover quickly! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Are You Ready For Some Football??

The first middle school football game of the season was kicked off last night.  


This is the first tackle football game EVER for Chip!   

I got there plenty early to watch lots of Chip's friends on the B Team!  
It was a great game and the Cougars won 38 - 34!  

Here are a couple of pictures from the B Team game.

See this #20 heading down the field.  His name is Ethan.  He scored five touchdowns. Doing just this...running down the field faster than anyone.  He was quite fun to watch. 

This is the A-Team jumping up and down, celebrating the B Team success on the field.  
Chip's buddies played great and I was so glad to see them cheering each other on! 

Then here comes my favorite Offensive Lineman #65!  Here are some pictures of his debut!

Can you see the size of that MAN that is across from my sweet baby??  
My goodness, what are they feeding these kids?  

They worked hard, but came up short.  There were some unfortunate turnovers and the other team had a QB that was lights out throwing beautiful spiral passes for thirty yards or more.  No joke.  Kid had gobs of talent.  I am going to try to find out his name cause he is going to be in the NFL, I just know it. The Cougars have lots of work to do to get better, but I think they are up for the challenge.

After the game the kids rode back to school on the bus.  I picked Chip up at the back of the school and he was a hot sweaty mess.  He fell into the car and said "That was the best night of my life."  I just cracked up.  He really did have fun, even taking a thumping.  

Can't wait till next week!  C - O - U - G - A - R - S!!!  Cougars!  Cougars! Cougars!