Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Foam Roller

I hurt my leg somehow.  Not severely, but there is a muscle in the front of my right thigh that is just tweaked.  It feels tight and like it is possibly going to break - pop - snap just any second.  I have had no trouble with walking, but it made lifting weights on Monday at the gym a bit of a challenge. "Mr. Knowledge About the Human Body" drug out one of those foam roller deals you find in the yoga department and showed me a stretch I could do to help work it out.  It hurt, but I tried to tough it out because I was in a gym and you just feel tough in a gym.  I did complain severely (shocking, I know) and looked at Mr. Knowledge like he was a crazy person for thinking that foam roller would help when it hurt so dang bad.

Later that evening I booked it on over to the local sporting goods store and picked me up a foam roller for the house.  Before we went to bed I was trying it out in my room.  Chip was on the bed reading a book and not even vaguely interested in what I was doing.

I got on that thing, got positioned where I thought I should be and started screaming.  Not really, but it HURT.  I don't know if it is your full body weight bearing down on that hard ass foam or the sore muscle just being touched or what, but laying on that thing and rolling my leg on it was brutal.  I was moaning, groaning, cussing, making all kinds of noises.

I lasted about 20 seconds.   But I did it two times.  So that is forty seconds of torture.

I got up, breathing hard from...not from the exertion but from the dang pain.

Chip looks up from his book and says "Should I be expecting a baby brother or a baby sister?"

Ha Ha Ha! I cracked up!

I must have been making some serious noise if he thought I was in labor!

My leg was still killing me when I laid down, but I will be damned if it doesn't feel better this morning!  Hooray!

From this day forward, I will call it the "Foam Roller of Death" - but I will keep it for any other tricky little muscle situations that come up!

Hope your Tuesday was terrific!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Dear Harry....

Recap of last nights events.  Let me set the scene for you....Chip is on the couch, covered in a blanket, reclining as Chip is inclined to do.  Harry was walking to the kitchen.  Here is how the conversation went down.  I think they talk in text mode these days.

Chip:  Dear Harry, would you get me a cup of water with ice?

Harry:  Dear Chip, would you please get up off your butt and get your water yourself?

Chip: Dear Harry, I am so comfy and you are already up so please reconsider that cup of water.

Harry:  Dear Chip, I do not care about your comfort or your thirst.

Chip:  Dear Harry, I would do it for you.

Harry:  Dear Chip, no you wouldn't.

Chip:  Dear Harry, I am your little brother and my throat is very dry.

Harry:  Dear Pork and Beans, this will be my last correspondence on this matter.  There will be no water in your future unless you get it yourself.  In fact, I am going to burn my house down and move to a mystery address so you can no longer contact me.

Chip:  Dear Harry, I am just a little boy and you are my big brother.  Please help.

Harry:  Dear Pork and Beans, how did you get my new address.  I told you to stop contacting me.  I am  going to take this up with the Secret Service.

Chip:  Dear Harry, I am stalking you.

Harry:  Dear Pork and Beans,  I said no.  No means no.

Mom:  Chip, there is a bottle of water sitting right next to you.

Chip:  Oh, thanks Mom.

I am sure I missed some of the conversation because I was laughing so hard.

Hope your Monday is off to an awesome start!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Quick Recap...Let's Get Caught Up!

Let's do a quick and dirty recap so we can move on to today!

Christmas highlights:

Started off in San Antonio -  the boys went to a Spurs game.  I stayed at a hotel and watched some terrible TV.

Driving 14 hours in one day is just hard.   It is all fun and games for the first 11 hours and then something snaps and you have no choice but to go crazy.  It is a rule.  So damn happy to get out of that car.  Always much more enjoyable in my memories than when it is actually happening.

Wrapping fun.  I had lots to wrap when I rolled into town.  My parents helped.  My sister helped.  My niece helped.  We laughed.  Talked about 1,001 ways to wear your hair.  That is important stuff when you are an eleven year old girl.  It was a great first day in Bama.

Trouble. The game. Nightly tournaments.  Two boards.  Brackets.  It was serious.  Might have been some cussing.  There was definitely some laughing.  Hard core Trouble.  It will go down in history.

Puppies.  Two of them.  One got nicknamed Pork and Beans.  He is being fostered by a Vegan.  That is kind of funny.  I am sure there will a new name for the suite patootie.  The other is named Satchmo.  He has green eyes.  Precious.  His new Mom and Dad are the newly engaged Brett and Malarie.  Nice to hold a puppy.  Why do they smell so good?

Joy, joy, joy...of an eleven year old boy at 5:45 a.m. on Christmas morning.  His seventeen year old brother was happy - but not eleven year old happy.  If you could bottle that joy, it could change the world.   We were all happy - but a kid's joy at Christmas is just magical.

Food.  Good grief the food. I am battling the overindulgence still.

New Year highlights:

Fun, food and entertainment!  Thanks Beth!  She fed us well on New Year's Eve and on New Year's Day!

The big boys went to the Music City Bowl and the Chick Fil A bowl.  Had a great time.  Ate at Krystals three times in two short days.  It was too much.

All the Christmas decorations are put away.  House is back to normal.  Kids are back to school.

I ordered Harry's Cap/Gown and graduation announcements yesterday.  YIKES!

Resolutions for me include:  Putting work in its place...leaving me with less stress and more to give to my boys, spending time reading the Bible each morning before turning on any electronics, making time for friends.  If I can manage to do those few things then it is sure to be a great year!

Planning up some vacations.  Always fun to look forward to that.

Read a great book "The Fault In Our Stars".  FANTASTIC!  Laughed, cried, could not put it down.

So that is the quick snap shot.  I have some great pictures from the holidays - need to edit and resize them so I can upload them to share!

Happy New Year friends!  Hope you are off to a brilliant start!