Monday, January 13, 2014

Dear Harry....

Recap of last nights events.  Let me set the scene for you....Chip is on the couch, covered in a blanket, reclining as Chip is inclined to do.  Harry was walking to the kitchen.  Here is how the conversation went down.  I think they talk in text mode these days.

Chip:  Dear Harry, would you get me a cup of water with ice?

Harry:  Dear Chip, would you please get up off your butt and get your water yourself?

Chip: Dear Harry, I am so comfy and you are already up so please reconsider that cup of water.

Harry:  Dear Chip, I do not care about your comfort or your thirst.

Chip:  Dear Harry, I would do it for you.

Harry:  Dear Chip, no you wouldn't.

Chip:  Dear Harry, I am your little brother and my throat is very dry.

Harry:  Dear Pork and Beans, this will be my last correspondence on this matter.  There will be no water in your future unless you get it yourself.  In fact, I am going to burn my house down and move to a mystery address so you can no longer contact me.

Chip:  Dear Harry, I am just a little boy and you are my big brother.  Please help.

Harry:  Dear Pork and Beans, how did you get my new address.  I told you to stop contacting me.  I am  going to take this up with the Secret Service.

Chip:  Dear Harry, I am stalking you.

Harry:  Dear Pork and Beans,  I said no.  No means no.

Mom:  Chip, there is a bottle of water sitting right next to you.

Chip:  Oh, thanks Mom.

I am sure I missed some of the conversation because I was laughing so hard.

Hope your Monday is off to an awesome start!

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  1. Chip is really going to miss Harry when he is gone off to college.
    Tell Wally to be nice to the Beaver and spend good quality time with him. Soon Wally will be living elsewhere and there won't be much time in his life for the Beav.. I know those two will be texting each other constantly once Wally leaves for Arizona. :(