Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Foam Roller

I hurt my leg somehow.  Not severely, but there is a muscle in the front of my right thigh that is just tweaked.  It feels tight and like it is possibly going to break - pop - snap just any second.  I have had no trouble with walking, but it made lifting weights on Monday at the gym a bit of a challenge. "Mr. Knowledge About the Human Body" drug out one of those foam roller deals you find in the yoga department and showed me a stretch I could do to help work it out.  It hurt, but I tried to tough it out because I was in a gym and you just feel tough in a gym.  I did complain severely (shocking, I know) and looked at Mr. Knowledge like he was a crazy person for thinking that foam roller would help when it hurt so dang bad.

Later that evening I booked it on over to the local sporting goods store and picked me up a foam roller for the house.  Before we went to bed I was trying it out in my room.  Chip was on the bed reading a book and not even vaguely interested in what I was doing.

I got on that thing, got positioned where I thought I should be and started screaming.  Not really, but it HURT.  I don't know if it is your full body weight bearing down on that hard ass foam or the sore muscle just being touched or what, but laying on that thing and rolling my leg on it was brutal.  I was moaning, groaning, cussing, making all kinds of noises.

I lasted about 20 seconds.   But I did it two times.  So that is forty seconds of torture.

I got up, breathing hard from...not from the exertion but from the dang pain.

Chip looks up from his book and says "Should I be expecting a baby brother or a baby sister?"

Ha Ha Ha! I cracked up!

I must have been making some serious noise if he thought I was in labor!

My leg was still killing me when I laid down, but I will be damned if it doesn't feel better this morning!  Hooray!

From this day forward, I will call it the "Foam Roller of Death" - but I will keep it for any other tricky little muscle situations that come up!

Hope your Tuesday was terrific!


  1. Chip is so your son! LoL!!!

  2. My leg has a love/hate relationship with the "foam" roller. You have to use it A LOT before it stops feeling like childbirth! And why is it called a "foam" roller? Was "Hard As A Rock" roller taken? Foam sounds soft and cushiony -- these are not words that I would use to describe the "foam" roller.

  3. Chipster is a funny guy. Hope your leg is better.