Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hoops and Handsome

Hoops, Hoops, Hoops!  Chip is well into basketball season with four games under his belt.  His little team is pretty good and have given us some spectacular games to watch. The parents were going to change their team name from Dragons to Cardiac Arrest after the first two nail biter games that went down to the wire! Drew has played well and has hit some dramatic game tying shots and even some three pointers from way downtown.  His team is now 4-0, but coming into some strong competition the next couple of weeks.  Here are some pictures of the Chipster in his basketball gear. It is so hard to take action shots in a gym with terrible light, but maybe I will try to get some this weekend!  

Don't panic that he has gotten super tall...he is standing on a curb.  Are you digging those funky green shoes?

Look at that smile on his face!  He really loves basketball.  

Put me in coach!  I'm ready to play!  Mer and Grandpa were here for a game and Chip put on a show...hitting eight buckets including three 3-pointers.  It was a season high for him!  Great game! 

Now here is the Handsome part of the post.   Harry is going to be the emcee at the High School Prom Fashion show this week with his buddy John.  They are wearing traditional tuxedos so they will be as glamorous as the girls wearing their formal gowns in the show!  He picked up his tux last night from the rental place and tried it all on.  I told Hubby "He thinks he looks pretty handsome." and he yelled from the back of the house "That is the understatement of the year!"  He was in Secret Service mode.  Hosting the Academy Awards mode.  

He did look great and I am sure he will do a fine job hosting the event.  I can't wait to hear all about it!

I need his Senior year to slow down just a tad.  It is going entirely too fast!

Hope you stay warm where you are!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dad's 70th Birthday

Bob and Lana came to Texas for a visit and we were some busy little bees.  Here is the list of projects we (they) finished while they were here for ten glorious days:

1.  Fixed the outside outlet fixture.
2.  Cleaned and re-painted the front porch light.
3. Caulked around the kitchen sink.
4. Caulked around the master bathtub.
5.  Primed over the red stripe in Chip's old room.
6. Repainted Chip's old room - now the guest room.
7.  Remounted the upholstered headboard in the guest room. 
8.  Refinished my sweet friend Sarah's front door.
9.  Painted the ceiling in the kitchen.
10.  Fixed the dining room chairs that were losing screws.
11.  Fixed the toilet in Harry's bathroom.
12.  Put an extended height shower arm and new shower head in Harry's shower.

Isn't that a relaxing vacation?  I tell you what, Bob and Lana are the dynamic duo on getting crap done.  They love staying busy and are so good at figuring out hard stuff.  All you have to do is feed them on a pretty regimented schedule and let Lana slip away for her 3:00 nap most days.  Throw in some Good & Plenty and some Pecan Sandies and they will work for you all day long! 

It wasn't all work! We did sneak in some other fun stuff...we went to see Harry in SHREK twice, watched Chip play basketball, had a little Super Bowl party, celebrated Chip's braces coming off and finally we wrapped up the visit with celebrating Dad's 70th Birthday!  

When Bob woke up we had the kitchen decorated with a few festive things to get his day kicked off to a great start.  He was surprised. 

This giant poster collage was the hit of the day.  He just loved it.  We got lots of laughs looking over some of the pictures.  Bob goes shirtless ALOT!  Memories are priceless.

Then he opened a few presents to include some of his favorite things.  Jack Daniels and Pistachios.  Poor guy hasn't had a drink in months because of his surgery and medication.  Just thought he could use one to ring in this new decade...and thought it would also help him sleep with his aching neck and shoulder from painting that damn ceiling.  That is some hard work!

In addition to the days festivities, my brother, my sister and I have also planned a week at the beach in July to celebrate Bob's birthday.  He will be 70 1/2 by then but that is okay.  We have some fun activities planned for that celebration and I think we might see some of his "Bob Chronicles" come to life on skit night!  No shortage of funny material with this guy. 

We took him out to dinner at his favorite place here in Texas...Rudy's BBQ.  It is a gas station, which just cracks him up.  The carnivores in my family ate six pounds of meat.  Craziness.  That was protein out the wazoo.  Then we came home and had a little Boston Cream Pie.  It was a great day and though I have missed celebrating the last 14 birthdays with him, I was so happy that I got to share this one.

When he got back home to Alabama, he had another birthday treat waiting for him.  We had sent out birthday postcards to friends and family across the country and asked them to send him a greeting for his birthday.  He had a big ol' stack of birthday cards when he got home and that made him feel like a king.  He was so moved by the kind words that people wrote about him.  It was a great opportunity for people to let him know just how wonderful they think he is!  

I think it was great celebration for a great man!  He is the best Dad ever and pretty stellar human being all around!  I hope his year ahead is filled with great health, tons of laughs and good times spent with friends and family!   He deserves that!  

Friday, February 7, 2014

SHREK The Musical

Harry and the extremely talented high school theatre troupe put on a spectacular production of SHREK the Musical last week!   Mer and Grandpa made the trip from Alabama to watch the show and they were not disappointed.  We saw the show on two separate nights and enjoyed it so much!  Those kids put a ton of work into the show as did the Theatre teachers.  Hours and hours of rehearsal and dance practice.  Singing, dancing, acting, comedy.....the show had it all.  Their hard work paid off when the curtain went up and the show went on. Fantastic!  

Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure!  Here is Harry previewing his Head Guard costume at home while vacuuming.  Not sure how that came together, but anyway....

We arrived super early on the second night so we could score these great seats with no one in front of us and a bonus was that Harry danced right in front of us during one part of the show!

After the show we head out to the lobby to congratulate the cast and crew for an awesome show! They had great crowds over the four days of performance and I think they had about 3,000 people buy tickets!

We ran into Tyler's girl Missy first and we knew that it would be a good plan to just hang with her and The Head Guard would find us!   Missy was a tap dancing rat in the show!  She was great.  She pulled a muscle the first night when she went down into the splits - but she hobbled around on crutches during the day and managed to still perform all four nights.  A real trooper!

See, it worked!  The Head Guard found us!  He was so great in the show!  He just shines on stage!  So proud of that kid!

Group picture of Harry's Fan Club!

Harry and Missy!  Cute kids!

The Thespian Troupe Officers.  What a talented, lovely, charming group of humans!

More of the cast joined in the picture taking fun!  There were over seventy kids in this production and they were all awesome!   Especially awesome vocal performances by Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and Lord Farquaad.  So, so good!  Mega talented!  I was blown away.  I also heard from lots of my friends that they thoroughly enjoyed the show (and of course thought Harry was great!)  I hope that every kid who performed or worked on the show left that stage full of pride in a job well done. 


Thursday, February 6, 2014

What A Smile!!!

Chipster got his braces off!  Woo Hoo!  I can't believe the transformation!   Check out these before and after pictures! 

Before braces went on June 15, 2012. 

After braces came off on February 3, 2014! 

What a handsome devil!  

Love that Smile!  

Cute Kid!  

Now we get to start in daily with the following: 

Did you wear your retainer?  
You are supposed to wear it every night! 
I didn't spend all that money for you to not wear your retainer! 

Good times ahead! 

Holy Crap

I almost forgot my password to get on to my own Blog!  Better write that down immediately in the event of any other long term absences I might have!

Downloading pictures to share....

I have some stories to tell!