Saturday, March 1, 2014


You know that last blog post I wrote about how much Chip loves playing basketball?  The one you have seen for the last few weeks when you check in to see if there is anything new?  You know the one.  Well, since we last talked my sweet little Chipster had a bad run in with a football and it broke his pinky.  Hubby said they were outside playing catch in the street and his pass hit Chip in the hand, he never broke stride and just kept heading to the house.  He busted through the front door screaming "Dad broke my finger!"  Chip has a tendency to be a little dramatic when he has an injury so I was pretty calm.  I said "Let me see."  He showed me.  I grabbed my purse and the car keys.  Yikes.  Not going to be able to slap a band aid on that one. 

Off to the ER we went.  Fortunately we are less than a 1/2 mile to the ER waiting room.  
Got there in about 2 minutes. 

Hubby was taking pictures, which at the time didn't seem like a good idea, but now that it is in the past really do show a kid with some pinkie problems. 

They took Chip right back and had him in a bed with some ice and a big dose of ibuprofen within 10 minutes.  He got some X-rays.  A pretty quick diagnosis of a broken finger and then the hard decision about how to get it bandaged up.  Take a shot in the palm to numb it (sadly, the shot kinda hurts) or just let them do it without the shot.  Chip wanted a third option.  The doctor said "There is not a pain free choice."  Well, that stinks.

Chip went the brave route - no shot - and just let them pull it over to his other finger and tape them together.  The doctor told us we need to wait a few days for the swelling to go down and then see an orthopedic doctor.  Chip did great with his splint and didn't have too much discomfort.  He did miss the championship basketball game and he was super bummed about that. His basketball season is over. 

Hubby took him to the orthopedic surgeon last week and the doctor reset it.  That was after giving Chip the previously mentioned shot in the palm that Chip avoided in the Emergency Room.  He said the shot did hurt and his finger felt totally numb until the doctor grabbed hold of it and reset it.  He said it hurt something fierce.  Poor kid.  It is broken kind of weird and they are hopeful the reset and this jazzy new cast will get it healing in the right direction.  Otherwise they might have to put a pin in it.  We will know more next week.

That is the news from around here.  Broken finger and no more basketball.

I have a Ten Tidbits post started that I hope to post tomorrow!


  1. Poor Chipster. I know that was painful.

  2. Poor Chipster. I know that was painful.

  3. Poor Chipster. I know that was painful.