Monday, March 3, 2014

Top Ten Tidbits

I had originally started this post days ago and the lead-in said "Here is a quick Top Ten Tidbits".  The word quick does not belong in anything that I write these days.  So let's change the lead in to say....Here is a Top Ten Tidbits that took me four days to pound out because coming up with ten remotely interesting things to discuss was paramount to carrying a child to full term pregnancy.  I mean seriously.  I apologize in advance and hope this doesn't bore you to tears.
  • Harry had a run in with the law.  Twice.  In one day!  First, he comes in from school and says "Mom, you may be getting a ticket in the mail for me running a red light.  I was behind and RV turning left and I couldn't see that the light turned red before I got through the intersection."  I can understand how that can happen and assured him if a ticket came in the mail I would be handing it directly to him.  Later in the afternoon, he went to help a friend deliver a chair to the theatre department at school and got pulled over for excessive honking in the school parking lot.  Now of special interest is that one of his buddies was riding in the recliner, in the back of the truck, waving to everyone and anyone they saw.  Like a parade.  One of the aforementioned parade viewers was an undercover policeman.  As they made their way through campus from one building to the next in parade mode, they were jacking around further trying to get the attention of some friends that were walking on the sidewalk by laying on the horn.  Next thing Harry hears is a police siren. Harry and his buddies had to sit on the curb outside his truck while the police officer explained why he pulled him over.  They assumed it was for having a passenger in the back of the truck in a recliner waving to people. The officer said "That was stupid, but not illegal."  However, the excessive honking was illegal.  The officer let them off with a warning, but Harry said it was still unnerving to hear those sirens going off behind his truck.  So, two years of driving and no issues and twice in one day the kid violates the road rules.  He has been walking the straight and narrow since.
  • I started going to a Jazzercise class!  Throwback to the 80's!  I am doing the grapevine like a directionally challenged fool and loving it! 
  • Jazzercise has flared up my plantar fasciitis like you can not believe!  (Yes, I had to look up how to spell that and I can't say it correctly either) All that jumping and twisting and turning is apparently hard on some foot muscles.  The first step out of the bed the next morning was a doozy. Had to start wearing my tennis shoes all the time.  Like 24/7 - even thought about wearing them to bed so my foot would have support even while I was sleeping.  The constant shoe wearing has helped and it is finally feeling a little bit better!   I am about eight Jazzercise sessions in and my foot feels better and I am finally NOT facing forward when everyone else is backward!  Go me! 
  • It was 70 degrees yesterday morning at seven when I woke up.  Twenty four hours later we woke up to a "feels like" 9 degrees.  What the heck?
  • Washing Chip's hair with his cast on is a nightmare.  
  • Gail - one of my favorite juicing recipes - handful of kale, an apple, a cucumber, two celery stalks and a lemon.  Delicious.
  • Cancer sucks.  So bad.  So, so bad.  I hate it. 
  • It is so hard not to get bogged down in the noise of day to day my kid missing too many days of school for not feeling good or a broken finger....missing grades that are killing your senior's average....kid not wearing a retainer....eating out again because work is so, so busy.  Then you reflect on the sweet, dear friend you know who is dealing with cancer.  Bad, stupid, can't be stopped cancer and it just stuns you that you are worried about such trivial, small, insignificant issues.  Things that aren't going to matter a damn in a week, in a month, in a year.  What my friend wouldn't give to trade her problems for mine.  I have heard it said that if everyone in a room piled their problems in the middle of the room, you would probably take your own problems back.  Life is hard.  Trying to live every day like it is your last is also hard.   Glorious and hard.  Got to find the balance.  Over the last three or four days I have seen multiple references that say "Choose Joy".  I think that will just be my go to mantra every day. Choose Joy!  Seems simple enough, doesn't it?  Let's boil it down to just those two simple words.  Choose Joy.  Keep saying it.  It is nice. 
  • I am stuffing plastic Easter Eggs with chocolate candy for my visit to Lakeside this month.  I told "Mr. Knowledge About The Human Body" at one time that I didn't think I would have any trouble with having candy around.  Told him that really wasn't my weakness.  I was more of a bread/carb addict.  I am a LIAR.  A big ass chocolate eating liar.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to hide candy from yourself?  Also how hard it is not to eat just one little mini Reeses?  It is hard. I am failing and must get this candy into those eggs and out of my house immediately. 
  • Harry asked his girl to prom this weekend. She said yes!  More tux pictures should be coming soon!  
Hope you didn't fall asleep while reading this post.  Good day to all!  Choose JOY! 


  1. So very sorry to hear about your friend and her fight with cancer. Cancer is such an ugly word and disease. And it is so hard to feel joy when others around you are suffering, but hopefully your joy will fill her heart and ease some of her suffering.

  2. Thanks for the recipe. I will definitely try it.
    I know all about those candy issues. I really never had issues with candy but started craving the crap later in life. I eat sugar free chocolate pudding and that seems to help. I need to find a good low carb cookie recipe that is crunchy. I crave crunch and chocolate. LOL