Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's Happening!

This just walked through my front door.  

I guess it is officially happening!  My boy is going to graduate from High School!  

I just realized when I was photographing his 2014 tassel that I graduated thirty years before him.  Class of 1984.  What The Hell?  I mean I was just picking out my dress to wear for graduation.  Figuring out how to get this mass of hair to fit under that cap.  That could not possibly have been thirty years ago. 

Since I am feeling terribly sentimental these days, I went and dug up a graduation picture of mine from thirty years ago.

Look at me and Hubby back in 1984!  We were just babies!  

We have done a lot in thirty years.  I hope the next thirty that stretch out in front of Harry are filled with lots of adventures, laughs, beautiful moments and tons and tons of JOY!  

Back in Action

Chip is back in action on the baseball field!   Here are some pictures from our tournament this weekend. 

Ready at First Base! 

Get in position!

Wait for it.


And he is also back on the mound!  He got into a little bit of trouble but he recovered nicely!  

The A's played some really solid baseball this weekend and gave the fans some great games to watch!  Great job, boys!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wonderful Letter

Friday night, we were sitting down eating dinner when all the sudden Chip jumps up and says "I forgot to give you the letter from Ms. Lambert".  He said that in his Science class that afternoon Ms. Lambert had come in and asked for him.  Chip's science teacher called him up to the front and Ms. Lambert handed him an envelope and told him to make sure and give it to his brother.   Ms. Lambert was Harry's 7th grade math teacher in middle school.  She was just precious!  Chip had forgotten about the letter until that very moment. 

Harry wasn't home (AGAIN!) so I peeked inside the envelope to see what it was.  Inside was this letter. 

I cried.  So thoughtful and kind of her to think of my boy five years after he was in her class.  Not only to think of him, but to track down his younger brother and find a way to get this letter to him.

It takes a special kind of person to teach middle school and Ms. Lambert is one of the most special.

Touched my heart.  Harry thought it was pretty cool too.....but he didn't cry.  These are such precious moments.  Savoring them all.

New York City - Part III

New York - Part III!  We had a busy day planned for Sunday and we were up and at Starbucks by 8:00!   We are heading to Brooklyn first thing to find a vegan bakery called Dunwell Donuts!  

It was hard to walk by some other fabulous looking eateries on the way to Brooklyn! 

Callie was super stoked about some black and white frosted cookies she spotted in the window!

Malarie had our train route all mapped out!  

Nothing like riding the subway to make you feel like you are definitely in New York. 

We had to switch subways one time and got to get a glimpse of some other parts of New York that are not as busy as mid town Manhattan.  It was down right relaxing strolling on these nice, calm streets. 

We came out of our subway stop and low and behold directly across the street was the vegan gem we were looking for.  Well done, Malarie. Well done. 

No one.  And I mean no one, was more jazzed about these doughnuts that Megan.  Isn't this the cutest picture ever?  She could totally be in a brochure for DunWell. 

The girls picked out a dozen variations for us to try.  There was a peanut butter and jelly one, pink cake, blueberry lemonade, boston creme pie, coconut, all matter and variety and all vegan.  No animals were used or harmed in the production of these donuts.  

And they were delicious! 

We demolished those pretty artisanal doughnuts! 

Not one was left without a bite taken out of it. 

Happy Girls.

Then Callie walked across the street and bought a big old fresh baked loaf of french bread.  We enjoyed that all through the day!  It was not vegan.  

Our next stop was the Ground Zero memorial and Tribute Center.  We got a little turned around on the subway situation on the way there from Brooklyn. We had some lovely New Yorkers step in to help us figure out what train we should be on.  In fact, Malarie's subway pass wasn't working at one of the turnstiles and this New Yorker was her champion - getting the ticket booth guy to reload her pass and get that turnstile moving.  It took about four tries, but with his assistance she finally got through.   

I will mention here the bathroom situation at Starbucks just for my own memory.  I am not sure I will ever forget how bad we had to go and how many people were in line and in and out of the one person stall while I was trying to go.  I won't need to give any more details than that other than I can still laugh about it a week later.

This is the freedom tower that was built as part of the rebuilding process. They have big plans for this whole area that will be completed over several more years.

We had reserved a time slot to go through the memorial and arrived exactly on time.  You had to go through a pretty rigorous screening like going through security in an airport, but they had the process down pat and were moving people through there very quickly.

You can't really grasp the memorial without the sound of the rushing water.  It was vast and solemn. 

They had the names of all 3,000 victims engraved around the border of the pools.  The people and organizations that helped in the recovery were listed in raised print 

If it was the person's birthday that day, there was a rose stuck in their name.  We saw about six roses on Easter Sunday when we were there.  It was a beautiful tribute to those individuals. 

Outside of the memorial on the way to the Tribute Center was a beautiful bronze plaque commemorating the fire fighters of New York.  What magnificent heroes and servants of their community. So many lost that day in the process of helping others. 

The Tribute Center was just a small snapshot of the kinds of items they will have in the final Ground Zero Museum that is expected on open in May of this year.  It was so awesome!  

There were lots of items pulled from the destruction, including this airplane window from one of the jets.

There was lots of firefighter gear.

Tons of personal pictures from people who were victims.  So moving.  I was crying all over this building.

Loved this.

Some origami art work sent from students in China decorated the ceiling. 

After that we headed to Little Italy in search of a pizza joint that had great reviews.  It was called Lombardi's.

It did not disappoint!  The pizza was outstanding and the cold beer was fantastic as well.

We had a cool Russian waiter that entertained us through lunch. 

We strolled through Little Italy and Chinatown in search of a vintage clothing store.  It was on Malarie's wish list for New York.

We found one and it was pricey - but cool!

Next up we hit Moo Shoes - a vegan shoe store.  Who knew all this vegan stuff was out there and that New York would be so vegan friendly.

Megan tried on all kinds of shoes and fell in love with a couple. 

How cute are these?  She looked adorable in them. 

Next, we headed back uptown to check out FAO Schwartz.  

Always fun! 

Then we were on the hunt for some New York cheesecake.  We were back in the chaos of Times Square. People everywhere! 

Juniors came highly recommended for cheesecake so that was our destination. 

It did not disappoint.  Coffee and cheesecake.  Awesome combination! 

We then hit the Disney store and Toys R Us in Time Square.  It was C R A Z Y T O W N! 

The lights, the sounds, the action, the laughs.  New York was a great experience. 

We are already talking about where we can go next time. 

Thanks for the great gift Hubby!  Let's keep working on that bucket list.  
I have a lot to get done before I am fifty!