Saturday, April 12, 2014

Before and After

 Here are a couple of before and after pictures that I thought might be of interest:

1)  First up......I decided to revamp the wreath on the front door.  I love the wreath, but I was just craving some spring color.

I love it more now.  I just spray painted it with a can of Sunshine!

2)  Chip got his cast off!  Four weeks of confinement.  It was a glorious day to be able to scratch what was under that plaster!  I was so happy to wash his arm which was a bit on the stinky side.

Big smiles all around.  This is the BEFORE.  After this, the doctor came in and forcibly moved Chip's little finger and it damn near brought him to his knees.  He bent it this way, that way and all over the place.  At one point I told the doctor I was fixing to slug him.  He laughed.  I wasn't kidding.

This is my sweet boy in the car AFTER.  He said "I was not expecting that!"  I wasn't either.  It was not fun.  Finger has been getting regular exercise these days and is just about back to normal.  YAY!  No more broken bones, please.  One is more than enough!

3)  We are planning a graduation party for Harry and some of his buds.  Here are the chumps after fifth grade graduation.  A sweet group of neighborhood guys.


AFTER.   Brings me to tears just looking at this picture.  Where has the time gone.  All of those fifth grade chumps have grown into fine, fine young men.  So very proud of them and excited to see what the future has in store for them.

4)  Some Before, During and After pictures of my Strep A infection on my feet.  WARNING:  Martha, you may want to log off now.  I know you don't like gross stuff and it is about to get gross up in here!

This first picture was taken from the Doc in the Box on the the first afternoon that I went.  Foot was crazy itchy, swollen, hurt like my toes were broken.  Painful.

The picture below was from the next evening.  I was taking an anti-viral and had not yet started on antibiotics. Still hurt like crazy.

The picture below is after a week of antibiotics.  It was slow, slow to heal.

This picture was from a couple weeks after starting antibiotics.  My foot has peeled several times since.  Not sure what that is about.  It has been four weeks today since I went to the doctor and my feet are still looking rough - although not angry and red anymore.  Just peeling.  I think they will be scarred where the main infection was located - but at least the bacteria didn't eat my flesh!  The pictures on the Internet were horrible.  I feel lucky!  Back to walking, Jazzercising and hitting the gym! 

5)  My final is Bob on his first day of radiation treatment!  He is rocking the hospital gowns and socks and shoes.  Just know he is wearing NOTHING under that gown!  He has 38 total treatments so his after picture will be coming!  Please say a little prayer for him that his treatment goes well and that he can find some cooler socks to wear when he goes commando!   Go get 'em Dad!!!

Hope you have an awesome Saturday!   I am heading out to the ballpark to watch some A's baseball! Woo Hoo!


  1. i made it. thanks for the warning. it helps having heard about it before hand. appreciate you thinking of me! most of all soooo glad we are back to walking!!!!

  2. That looks so painful! Be careful at the gym. Staph and strep very contagious especially with an open are of the skin. Even a dry cracked area on the foot is a good place where the bacteria can enter. Disinfect the equipment you use and sit on a towel. Scary stuff for sure. Glad you are better. Wreath looks nice. Chipster, and Tyler growing like weeds.