Friday, April 4, 2014

Cotillion Dance

Hello Blog.   Is anyone still reading this thing?  It has been over a month since I last posted.  I have been on vacation, then I ran into a flesh eating bacteria and it set me back a bit.  Feeling better.  Still have all my flesh so strong antibiotics did the trick. I just had to post some SWEET pictures of my Chip from tonights Cotillion Dance and Dinner!  This kid rocks the fancy pants.

At first he wasn't thrilled about putting on "fancy" clothes, but once he got in them that all changed. I couldn't get him away from the mirror!  Looking good, Chipster!

We dropped all 24 of the kids off at a Steak House and they ordered adult food (no chicken fingers, no hamburgers)  - ate with utensils, manners and everything!  We shuttled them over to the community center in the neighborhood for the dance part of the evening.  I had six boys in my car and I actually heard "If they play Some Like It Hot I am going to get on the stage and do the worm."  What?  They were buzzed on Dr. Pepper and chattering about their salmon and steak and how they panicked when french fries were not on the menu!  Rice or baked potato - some hard decisions to make.  Then the passing around of mints to freshen their breath.  It was a lively 11 minutes in the car!  I have to go pick him up now!  Can't wait to hear how the dance went!

I'll be back soon.  I swear!  


  1. It has been so long since I've seen a picture of your beautiful face! You rock girl. I'm go proud of Chip he is on his way to manhood did I just write that. He is almost as tall as you I would suggest wearing higher shoes. Just a thought or don't stand real close to him. That's what gave it away.

    Love and hugs and kisses to all of you

  2. Aw, thanks Mom!
    Love you too!

  3. Love all of these!! The pic of you and Drew is a keeper! Beth

  4. He's such a cute kid! Yes, he rocked the fancy clothes...and you look amazing!