Thursday, April 17, 2014

Five Day Weekend....Kicking Off!

I feel compelled to write a quick post this morning since I am heading to New York City today....via Alabama!  Going to get to have dinner with Mom and Dad and my little brother tonight. So looking forward to that!  Need to put some hugs on some people!

Tomorrow morning, I head to NYC with Callie, Malarie and Megan.  Brian got me tickets to see Wicked on Broadway for Christmas (marking #31 off my bucket list on Saturday night!)  Callie got the same for her girls and we are making a fun girls weekend of it!  Based on the texts we have been exchanging in preparation and anticipation of our weekend in New York, I am expecting to laugh ALOT!  Should be a weekend to remember!  And who doesn't love a five day weekend?  Woo Hoo!

I will be posting pictures of our trip when I get back so let me get you caught up on all the other things happening around here!

Harry is running here, there and every where!  Last weekend he performed in the high school Spring Show.  It was apparently a very funny dance number that last 1.35 minutes, which he proclaimed was not worth going to see.  I heard from several folks that were there to watch their girls dance that the boy dance was hysterical.  There was twerking...whatever that is. Tonight he is performing at the Long Center during the Greater Austin Musical Theatre Awards Show.  His school's performance of SHREK is up for eight awards.  I hate I am going to miss it, but Dad and Chip will be there.  He got a suit to wear to the event...he said it is like the Academy Awards.   It is a very modern edge three piece suit and he is wearing it like a boss!  It is dark blue with these faint squares in the fabric, a lavender shirt and a bow tie.  So handsome!  He has prom coming up (he is wearing a tux with a top hat and cane.  WHAT?).  Awards at school.  Dodgeball tournament.  Graduation party.  Thespian banquet.  He is the final countdown to being a high school graduate.  How in the world has that happened?

Chip is doing great!  Finger is healing up nicely!  He had a baseball tournament this weekend and the A's tied for 3rd out of 24 teams.  Sadly, that means we have to move up from Minors to Triple A - the next highest division.  I was hoping we could play in Minors for a while this year, but it is not to be.  The boys will rise to the occasion and play some good Triple A ball I am sure.  Chip has a chair test today in trombone - he sounded great at practice so I am sure he will do well.  He is getting a little of the acting bug in his 6th grade theatre class.  They are doing some class performance comedies next month and he gets to be Leon the really bad tooth fairy.  He is jazzed about that!  Can't wait to see it.  This morning as he was hugging me goodbye (a little longer than usual since I will be gone for a few days) he started smiling really big.  I said "What is that smile for?"  He takes his hand and puts it on top of his head and then moves it to the top of my head.  That little fart is as tall as me as of today.  That just made his day.  Made me want to lay in the floor and wail.

I dropped our good camera this weekend at the ballpark.  From the bottom bleacher...really close to the ground.  It slipped off my lap when I was reaching for my cell phone that had just fallen out of my hand.  Electronics were flying every damn where.  The camera hit the ground just right and split into many, many pieces and there were wires and metals parts sticking out of the lens and the body of the camera in places that metal and wires should not have been sticking out of.  It was not good and it made me sick to my stomach. I felt awful.  Our camera is used frequently and loved by me and even more by Hubby.  He was in the dugout when "the incident" occurred and I held up the camera in its many parts.  He just said "Happy Anniversary!"  He is so laid back when I am going off the deep end.  Happy 23rd wedding anniversary to us!  We got a new camera!

For all you sweet friends who have asked about Bob - he is doing good.  He has finished seven treatments and has 31 to go!  He is feeling a little tired, but is eating well, doing  a little juicing and staying active as the doctor advised.  Lana is holding up too!   I will get a full report from them tonight!

Well that is all I have for now!   I hope to have lots of good stories from New York when I get back!  LOVE to ALL!  I love my boys, love my family, love my friends, love my life, love the dog....I am blessed beyond measure. Truly!   Here is the part where I get a little weepy and morbid because I am leaving my boys and if something should happen to that damn airplane then please know I love you!  You were a treasure to me.  The best and most beautiful part of my life!  I will text you more "I Love Yous" from the airport!  

Finally, Happy Easter to all!  Thank you to God for the amazing gift of everlasting love through His son, Jesus!  He is Risen!  May God's love, peace and grace rain all over you today, tomorrow and forever!   Knowing He has me in the palm of His hand....even if that damn plane doesn't stay in the me confidence and peace!  I am not even taking any 'scared to fly' pills any more!   Choose JOY!

P.S.  I am flying First Class!  Hubby got me the upgrade hook-up!  First time ever!  How much champagne can you drink without looking like a newbie in First Class?  Who cares!   Bring it on!!!

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