Friday, April 25, 2014

New York City - Part I

My trip to New York City was awesome!   I went with Callie, Malarie and Megan and we made some fabulous memories.  Let's recap the trip here so I can remember the memories when I am old and gray!

First, I got to fly First Class for the first time in my life (thanks for the upgrade, Hubby!) and it was legit!  I never knew what made it so great, but now I do and I am ruined for ever having to fly coach again!  There was free alcohol people!  That will help you get over your fear of flying!

On day one, I flew directly into Huntsville to meet up with the rest of the NYC travelers.  As a super, duper Day One bonus I got to have dinner with my parents and my brother!  The Nice One (my sister...keep up people) was watching her boy in a baseball tournament and couldn't join us.  That was disappointing, but we made the most of our time together.

After two (or maybe three....I can't keep up with my intake) Bloody Mary's I landed safe and sound in Bama.  Bob and Lana picked me up at the airport and it was great to see them!

Here is the downtown view on the way to Mom and Dad's house - which just looks like a tiny ant farm compared to the metropolis of New York City.

This is my parents neighborhood - look at the dogwood trees in bloom.  They were spectacular!  There were lots of azalea's blooming too!  So glad that I got to see them at the peak of their blooming season.  We snuck a quick visit in with Ms. Ellen while we waited for Guk to get off of work.  Dad also showed me some pictures he had taken of his radiation room.  He is charging through his treatment and finished treatment 14 today!  Only 24 more to go!

We went to Bonefish Grill for dinner and it was delicious!  Me and Mom shared something fabulous with three different entree's - steak, salmon, and scallops with shrimp.  We had a quinoa side that was yummy too!   I wish I had taken a picture of the food because it was yummy!

What an awesome treat it was to share a great meal and wonderful conversation with my people! 

Here is Dad showing Guk some of the pictures he took during his radiation session.  He has the technician's all involved and even stages himself in positions so he could show us how everything worked.  It was interesting!

Guk drove me out to Callie's house after dinner and it was pitch dark.  Callie wasn't home when I got there and she told me where the key was hidden.  Me and Guk went looking for it and this damn bird that was nesting on her porch came after me in the dark.  It landed on my back and was flapping its wings.  I damn near had a heart attack.  They don't call it The Bad Farm for nothing!

The next morning we were up bright and early!  Packed and ready to head to the big city.  We were flying out of Nashville so it was a bit of a drive to get to the airport.  

We hit up Khan's Desserts in Nashville which is a vegan bakery.  Megan is a Vegan and Malarie is damn near one.  I haven't really paid much attention to vegan choices - but apparently a bakery that is vegan is heaven for these girls.  I was so excited to see they had a Juice Bar!  Score!

It was a tiny little place and Megan got some kind of Egg Biscuit and she was very happy.  There were some other bakery items purchased, but I can't remember what they were.  I know I tasted them and they were crumbly, but good. 

I did get me a big ol' green juice.  Kale, Cucumber and Apple.  YUMMO! 

Meg and Mal on the airport Shuttle!  Were were like three hours early...which makes me so happy!

That means we got to have our first of seven hundred Starbucks for the weekend!  We sat in the airport and planned out our weekend. 

Studying name it. Malarie was the Navigator for the trip and did an excellent job getting us from Point A to Point B!  I would have still been in Grand Central Station spinning around on one leg if not for her.

Callie used her time wisely while waiting for the plane.  She broke her ankle nine short weeks ago and is just getting off of crutches/canes etc.  Her ankle is still wicked swollen and not very bendy at all, so she took every opportunity to do her stretches! 

She wore a compression sock that made her leg look artificial!  Weird, but really helped with the swelling.

The girls in Coach!  

We arrived late afternoon and got into our first cab ride of the trip!  Those cab driver's are CRAZY!  It was all I could do not to scream out loud!  We stayed at a lovely Westin Hotel at Times Square and were on the 42nd floor!  That is high!  We checked in, dropped our luggage and headed out to see the sights and find some dinner!  

We walked several blocks and then caught a subway to our destination.  We saw lots of New York City the first afternoon.  We also spent a ridiculous amount of time in Grand Central Station trying to buy subway tickets.  How hard can that be?   I just adore these flower markets.  Love, love, love! 

Malarie found this lovely little vegan restaurant that was Uptown (that is what the lady said at Grand Central Station when we were trying to figure out how the hell to get there!)  Finally, we found it!  We did not make reservations, so we had to sit at the bar, which turned out lovely.

The chef sent out a sample of lentil salad for us to try.  Yummy! 

Vegan alcohol in this Manhattan Fig drink.  I savored it the entire evening cause it was so damn expensive. 

We ordered these fritters to share!  They tasted like HushPuppies. I had no idea vegan food could taste so good - that sauce was super delicious! 

For my dinner, I chose a chickpea wild mushroom crepe with tempeh and vegetable filling.  It was fabulous.  I mean, really, really, really good.  I was so happy that I could live in this vegan world for a weekend!  Not going to be a problem at all.  Fresh, organic and delicious!   The last time I was in New York City with my boys I ate microwave Macaroni and Cheese and an apple for dinner one night.  That is not a lie. 

And then there was dessert!  These vegans are not afraid of some sugar!  This was a warm apple tart of some kind with vegan ice cream.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!

Delicious and gone in moments!  Four happy spoons and four happy bellies!

We wrapped up our evening at the Westin bar and plotted out our course for the next couple of days!  

I will post those in a separate post so this is not the length of a novel!  

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