Friday, April 25, 2014

New York City - Part II

We were up and at 'em early on Saturday morning!  We grabbed some breakfast and one of many, many Starbucks for the day.  We were on a slow stroll to the Museum of Modern Art as our first adventure of the day.

The Harvest Postal Worker saw a Spongebob Mailbox and just had to have a picture! 

Striking a pose in Manhattan!  This is art, right?

We walked through Rockefeller Plaza and it was so festive with all its waving flags and crowds of people. 

The three beauties taking in the scenery, trying to figure out what was going on to draw such a big crowd. 

Turns out it was an awesome egg display.  There were hundreds of eggs that had been decorated.  It was kind of like the painted cows you see around other towns.....except it was eggs.

Some were cute.  Some were extravagant.  Some were weird.  Some were beautiful.

This one was decorated like a New York cabbie.

Megan and me. 

We were full on photo bombed by this girl.

Then that girl knocked my Starbucks coffee on the ground.  What??  Damn, that coffee is like a million dollars a cup!

Why is she laughing?  There is nothing funny about this lady!  Good thing there is a Starbucks on every corner. 

We finally made it to the Museum and we were all super excited to check it out.  

Hmmm?  There was a lot of that going on.  At least from me.  Hmmm?  Who calls that art?  How did it make it in this museum? 

There was one painting called "He did what he wanted."  It was weird.  This one was called something else but it had a greek head, a rubber garden glove, a green ball, a shadow of a train. Hmmm?

We put Callie in a wheelchair to give her ankle a break.  And it also held all of our purses!  Win - Win!

This was something famous and really kinda of pretty. 

I love this picture of Megan.  She knew so much about the art that was in the museum.  I was very impressed.  

Malarie had a bit of a problem with her shoe rubbing her foot.  She tried putting toilet paper n her shoe as padding.  It did not work very well. 

We were on the elevator with a family with small children. The mother had been breast feeding one of the little rug rats in the lobby - right out in the open - she was definitely a foreigner - we had spotted her in the lobby and had been keeping an eye on the developing situation.  Then they got on the elevator with us.  It was hard not to laugh.

Some cool art. Campbell's soup cans.  I can dig that.

Some interesting art.

And what Malarie called an IKEA shelf painted pink and leaning against a wall.  Hmmm?

I spent a lot of time staring and saying Hmmmm?   It was fascinating and I would definitely go back again. 

After the Museum we were on the move again.  It was beautiful.  The trees were blooming.  The weather was gorgeous. 

We found another restaurant that had vegan options. 

We caused a bit of a fiasco when we went in....we grabbed a table ourselves and apparently there was a hostess we were supposed to wait for.  She was not there when we walked in and there was no sign.  How are you supposed to know?  We were seated, then unseated, then reseated all within about three minutes.  Whoops.

They had some amazing coffee and it came in these giant cups.  Lovely.

We ordered an appetizer to share that was a couple kinds of hummus and some other dip...served with this very rustic, very yummy bread. 

I had this amazing tabbouleh salad with sliced avocado.  I could eat this every day.  Super yummy and vegan.  What up?

Malarie had some kind of black bean hummus sandwich that tasted like pizza.  Very good.   After a leisurely lunch we strolled through Central Park.

It was mobbed in Central Park.

Like horses, carriages, skaters, bike riders, runners, walkers...everywhere!

People were crawling all over the place.  It was hectic for being in a park.

Malarie's shoes were not being nice to her.  She bought bandaids and applied those bandaids just looking for some relief.

Very cool old subway station.

Some random snapshots of downtown Manhattan.  

We made a pit stop at Serendipity for some giant apple pie with ice cream and a frozen hot chocolate.

After the giant deserts, we took our lives into our own hands and took a cab back to the hotel.  We had just a short while to get ready to see Wicked!  So exciting!

Unfortunately, we hit a bump in the road just before the show.  We all scrambled to use the bathroom in The Westin Lobby because there is a freakish problem with limited bathrooms in New York City.  Big giant restaurants have one stall unisex bathrooms. What the heck...there are like millions of people in just a couple square miles.  Where are all the bathrooms?

Anyway, we had to go!  There was laughing and some chaos in the bathroom as we all took care of business and Megan accidentally left her phone in the bathroom stall.  She realized it as soon as we got off the elevator on the 42nd floor.  She went straight back down to the bathroom and it was already gone.  Dang it!  It was some drama trying to call the phone, text the phone, call the cell phone provider, turn off the phone, turn it back on, and cuss a little.

The phone was had been turned off....gone into the streets of New York.  Crap!

We shook it off and headed to the Gershwin Theatre to see Wicked.

The girls were adorable.

Shocker of the evening...three drinks...$69!  Holy Moly!

The set was awesome! 

Three girls with three expensive drinks!  Bring on the show!

Broadway did not disappoint.  The show was wonderful. The actors and actresses were so very talented.  Beautiful voices.  I would love to just go down the list and see every show on Broadway!  

I will give you our third day in New York in a separate post!  Hope you have enjoyed sharing this day in New York City! 

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