Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wonderful Letter

Friday night, we were sitting down eating dinner when all the sudden Chip jumps up and says "I forgot to give you the letter from Ms. Lambert".  He said that in his Science class that afternoon Ms. Lambert had come in and asked for him.  Chip's science teacher called him up to the front and Ms. Lambert handed him an envelope and told him to make sure and give it to his brother.   Ms. Lambert was Harry's 7th grade math teacher in middle school.  She was just precious!  Chip had forgotten about the letter until that very moment. 

Harry wasn't home (AGAIN!) so I peeked inside the envelope to see what it was.  Inside was this letter. 

I cried.  So thoughtful and kind of her to think of my boy five years after he was in her class.  Not only to think of him, but to track down his younger brother and find a way to get this letter to him.

It takes a special kind of person to teach middle school and Ms. Lambert is one of the most special.

Touched my heart.  Harry thought it was pretty cool too.....but he didn't cry.  These are such precious moments.  Savoring them all.

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