Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chip Turns Twelve!

We had Chip's 12th birthday party yesterday!  What a ball he had with his friends! 

The table was set and we were ready for his friends to arrive at 10:00 a.m.!  This is going to be an all day affair! 

Chip's cake was a sweet creation made out of Krispy Kreme donuts. 

We had the garage set up with supplies! 

The kids started arriving and it was time for some boy fun! 

They started out with some flying helicopters in the driveway. 

Then it was time for whiffle ball. 

Then they switched to football!  

Then it was lunch time!  I made Chip's special recipe - Taco Cups for the masses. 

Boys like Taco Cups.  Two of the rugrats ate seven!  That is a lot of Taco Cups!

Quick pick of the fellas and then we were off to Jump Street for some intense Dodge Ball play. 

After Jumpstreet we came back to the house for "cake"! 

Sang Happy Birthday and blew out some candles.  These boys can also eat some donuts.  Record set at this eating event...five donuts!  Their parents are not going to thank me when they all go home with stomach aches! 

Next up, we were back outside getting our science on!  We mixed baking side with hair conditioner and shaving cream to make fake snow. 

One of the boys said "This is like a spa day for boys!"  They mixed and poured and slathered and spread and basically made a giant mess! 

Then we built volcanos with food coloring and poured on the vinegar!  Lava ensued! 

It was cool!  And seriously smelled like Easter Eggs! 

Next up - Water Balloons!  Everyone got a bag full and they were off and running! 

Screaming, running, throwing, laughing.  Good stuff! 

Some carried weapons!   They went through the balloons so fast!  It is kind of like an Easter Egg hunt where you fill up 100s of eggs and the kids find them in like 2.6 seconds.  

Then it was back to whiffle ball. 

The little kiddos were playing against Hubby and Harry.  Two against seven. 

Then it got fun, because it started to rain!  

This sweet boy had swimmer's ear, so we had to protect his ears from the rain!  No way he could miss this fun!  Thankfully, this little Kenny Chesney look alike rocked the sweet hat! 

Boys playing in the rain.  I just don't think it gets any better than that. 

This kid could not have had a better time if he had to! 

I think this big kid had a pretty good time too!

The gang. 


The rain kept coming. 

They just kept playing. 

My world.

Good time had by all!  

Happy Birthday my sweet Chip!  Hope the year ahead is filled with as much fun, joy and happiness as yesterday!  Wouldn't that be a great year?   Love you to the moon and back!  

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  1. Loved that they all played in the rain. Even Hubbie got into it. I know Chipster was one tired fellow after it was all over. Hope Chipster got my card.