Sunday, May 18, 2014

Graduation Party Pre-Prep.....Let's Do This!!!

Saturday was the big day!   It was Graduation Party day!  Marcela and Tony were wonderful enough to let us have the party at their home.  Thieir house is gorgeous and feels like it was just built for a party!  

We arrived bright and early in the morning, bringing in all of our decorations and party supplies. 

We found the perfect spot for the big graduation sign...right above the fire place.  It looked so cute with all their pictures! 

The cake was unveiled!  Great picture of the four graduates! 

We set up a long table in front of the RRHS sign and added card boxes, pennants, and a cute board with pictures of each boy from Kinder through 12th grade.  Also note the big screen to the right - that is where the slide show will be playing! 

The dining room before.

We set up tables all over the backyard. 

Trying to figure out where everything will go outside. 

The kitchen help!  Jack's sweet grandma and Jack and Carlos's baby sisters, Kaitlyn and Anna.  They were so helpful all day long!  Sweet Anna even made us breakfast tacos! 

The balloon crew arrived about 9:00 a.m. and we put them to work.  Please note Carlos is missing as he had a training class he had to attend on Saturday morning.  These are four busy boys....dang near impossible to get them in the same room for more than five minutes! 

We are making progress!  Would you look at Cindy trying to avoid this picture!  That silly girl!  She had no idea how many photos I was going to take yesterday!  I told her this one would definitely make the photo album and that I would tell everyone a bomb went off and she was running for cover!  

If you try to avoid being in pictures then we will just have to take some more!  That is the rule!  
Here are my sweet friends...from the right...Peggy (Ryan's Mom), Marcela (Carlos' Mom), Cindy (Jack's Mom) and me!   How blessed I am to have these girls as friends and for Tyler to have their sons as his friends.  You just could not find nicer families.  

The balloon crew was working in the game room and it sounded like screeching and gunshots!  It took these boys a little while to figure out the helium tank, tying balloons and NOT popping them!  We helped for a few minutes and it was a circus. 

Fifteen people, fifteen minutes and this is all we had to show for it!  We should have been here at 6:00 a.m.!!  Let's hope the boys can get into a rhythm and get some balloons inflated! 

We made a cake table right inside the front door!  

The kitchen crew made 8,000 fruit skewers!  

The boys eventually figured out the balloon method and made excellent progress.  They are smart.  That is why they are going on to college. 

Now, where are we going to put them? 

We started putting them EVERYWHERE! 

We had some balloons try to escape into the high ceilings!  We enlisted Tyler to climb a ladder, leap into the air and return the balloons!  He was called into action quite a bit!  Thanks for being so tall and jumpy! 

The main table is looking pretty good! 

Cindy had these three pictures of our boys framed and put out on the piano.  Fifth grade graduation, freshman year and senior year. WAHHHHHH!!! 

The grounds outside were shaping up nicely as well!  Here is the Photo Booth table. 

We found a great spot to put up the backdrop!  Another easy cheesy wonder made of a piece of cardboard and some plastic tablecloths! 

The weather was absolutely spectacular....just about 80 degrees and sunny!  We could not have asked for a more beautiful afternoon to have a party. 

There was plenty of shade in the gorgeous backyard. 

Looks pretty good.  

Very festive. 

Carlos...headed to Texas Tech. 

Ryan....headed to ASU.

Jack....headed to the Naval Academy. 

Tyler....headed to ASU.

Lots of planning went into pulling off this Graduation Open House!  

The girls taking a break.  Such wonderful helpers with such happy hearts! 

The guests of honor! 

Fast friends.  

Now everyone go home, get cleaned up and let's have a party!  

Can't wait to share the party pictures with you!  

Coming up next! 

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  1. Superb party arrangements! All these photographs are very nice. Keep sharing such posts dear. I am also planning a fun family dinner party that I want to host outdoors at some affordable NYC venues. Vintage decoration theme would be my priority but if you have any interesting theme inspirations then please let me know.