Thursday, May 15, 2014

Weekend Projects

We have had some beautiful weather around these parts lately and have spent a couple of weekends on some big projects.  First and foremost - the reclaiming of the backyard.  

Holy Moly!  It was an absolute jungle out there.  Here is the only before picture that I have because I was mortified and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of weeds and grass (and one bad ass trumpet vine) that had overtaken our fence and flower beds. 

It took hours and hours.

And it looked worse and worse.

Until we made some real progress. 

Three garbage cans and twelve giant garbage bags of refuse and finally we can breath! 

Another twenty five bags of mulch.

A little elbow grease, sweat, cuts, scrapes, sore muscles for the entire family.  Well, except for Astro.  He didn't do a thing but eat sticks, rocks and race back and forth barking at the neighborhood dogs. 

Shockingly enough, now we find ourselves out in the backyard on the daily.  We even bought a bird feeder and have thoroughly enjoyed watching our sweet feathered visitors.  One bird feeder and we now lovingly call the backyard a Bird Sanctuary.  Some nerve, right?  Ha!

As part of the yard revamp - we also spruced up the front flower beds.  After the plantings we got some good rain so hopefully everything will take and prosper in the coming weeks.

Yellow flowers to match my yellow wreath.  Looks so fresh and spring like!  Summer is coming!  
The boys worked hard for Mother's Day!  It was so appreciated. 

In addition to the outdoor projects, I have been working on a few things for an upcoming graduation celebration.  Check out my crafty crafts!  

Cut out giant foam board letters of the High School.

There are four boys having the party together so I made a letter for each one.  This is Harry's.  All black and white photos.

Here are the letters for each of the guys! 

The final project mounted on a giant piece of cardboard!  I love the way it looks and that it is personalized for each of the boys!  

It is going to be a great celebration for some really great kids and their families.  We watched a preview of the slide show that will play at the party and I didn't cry!  But I wanted to!  I will take tons of pictures of the party I am sure, so look for more graduation party fun from me!   It is going to be a blast! 

P.S.  Thanks to all of you that raised your hands in the last posts!!!  It was great to hear from you!!! 


  1. I forgot to raise my hand...but I think you know I'm a loyal reader. :o)