Sunday, June 29, 2014

ASU Orientation

It is official!  Harry is an official student at Arizona State with a full course load and a Student ID!  

How did that happen?  

Let me tell you!  

After our great couple of family fun filled days in Colorado, me and Harry flew directly to Phoenix for New Student Orientation while Dad and Chip flew back home.  It was a pleasant flight and we arrive to a nice sweltering 110 degrees!  If I told you how many times I's a dry heat.....we would be here all day.  Let's just say it is warm in Phoenix in June! 

When we landed we had a text from Harry's high school friend Alli who was also in town for ASU Orientation.  It seems her mom had tripped while walking on the main campus that morning and broken her elbow.  Ouch.  They were at the emergency room and were going to need a lift once her mom got x-rayed, bandaged up and released.  We were happy to oblige and while we waited for the call we hit up a convenient Arbys for a quick bit to eat.  Does anyone else ever eat at Arby's any more?  

This gangster loves the stuff.  

We then went to check in to our hotel which was right next door to the downtown campus.  Hubby and all his frequent travel points got us hooked up at a lovely Westin!  

This is the view from our room.  Let me point out the close proximity of Harry's campus to the Arizona Diamondbacks and Phoenix Suns.  The Diamondbacks play at Chase Field which is to the left of the brown building.  It has the curved roof.  The Phoenix Suns play at the U.S. Airways Arena which is the flat white building to the right of the brown building.  Two major league teams within easy walking distance of his campus.  So cool.

This is the view the other way.  Definitely downtown! 

Straight down.  Yikes. 

We still hadn't heard from Alli, so we headed over to the campus to see if we could get a bank account set up for Harry!  The bank is inside the student center and could not be more convenient. It took about an hour to get the paperwork done, but we finally accomplished that task.  Timing was perfect to pick up Alli and Jill!   

They had not gotten much done on their list before "the incident" so we drove them over to the main campus to check on Alli's shot records and hit the big campus store.  We toured around there a bit and bought some ASU gear! 

After that we took a break at our hotels and met up again for dinner.  Alli suggested we eat at Hopdoddy, which is a great hamburger joint that is actually based out of Austin.  We enjoyed a nice meal and watched the final game of the Stanley Cup.  We tried to make it an early evening since the orientation started at 7:30 a.m.!  

The next morning dawned a beautiful day.  Although you could tell it was going to be a hot one, the morning was beautiful!  We walked the one block over to campus for orientation. 

This will be Harry's main building - The Cronkite! 

We walked in and received a schedule for the day.  I was way more excited than Harry!  

Dream It.  Do It.  

The room was buzzing with lots of activity.  Our first order of business was to check in and get our name tags.  Then they had lots of booths set up where you could get questions answered about housing, parking, meal plans, etc.  I talked to lots of folks and they were all very nice!

Sparky was in the house! 

After an excellent welcome session with a great talk by the Dean of the downtown campus we split into smaller groups by major.  The Journalism group was maybe 25 or 30 kids and their parents.  Harry immediately noticed the boy to girl ratio. There were about 4 guys in his group and tons of girls.  That could be trouble!  

The students then split off to do their own register for their first semester of classes and the parents had a Q&A with professors and current students.  It was packed with good questions and excellent answers.  My favorite part of the day.

Harry registered and worked his schedule so he is done with classes by 2:30 on Tuesday/Thursday and done by noon on Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  He was so happy about that!

After that, students and parents met up again and headed over to the dorm for lunch and a tour.

Lunch was great and Harry found several things he would eat!  Yea!  He won't starve!  We were broken down in groups of 15 or so to tour the dorms.  I had already seen them, but that was before Harry was sure he would be attending ASU.  I was looking at them for REAL this time.  

Tight space - but all new and with two people to a room with a shared bathroom - it is definitely workable.  I think it is much better than the community bathroom at the end of a hall that lots of dorms have.  I think we can set this up nicely! 

It was a long day, with lots of good information and well worth the trip.  Made this momma feel good to be on campus again and see where my kid is going to be spending eight months next year!  

Harry is officially a Sun Devil!  

We had a great mom and son trip and it was a joy to spend some quality time one on one time with this boy of mine.  He is pretty special.  I swear looking back it seems like he was just born yesterday.  It has been an amazing eighteen years watching him  grow into this fine young man.  

I can't wait to see how his future unfolds and I just hope that he finds joy, happiness, more joy, more happiness, and then some more joy!  Get out there and make yourself a beautiful life Harry...and don't forget to call your mother!  So proud of him!  

Now let the dorm room shopping commence!  I should not be having this much fun shopping for school supplies, towels, detergent and rolling storage bins!   Move in date is August 16th!  Fork 'em! 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Colorado - Day Two

Day Two of our quick trip to Colorado dawned a spectacular day!  We had a day game on tap for Thursday and as per usual, we got to the ballpark right when it opened.  

We checked out the cool area out in centerfield which serves as the bullpen. It was complete with waterfall, gorgeous trees and a beautiful patch of grass to pitch. 

I think opposing teams must think this is a pretty sweet place to hang out and warm up for a game.

The boys were hoping to see some BP, cause Coors is known for hosting spectacular home runs.  

Unfortunately, the teams didn't take BP 1:00 start days.  They didn't really mind.  That just meant they could stake out their spot to try to get some autographs.

Me and Hubby headed to the rooftop to eat at a joint called ChumBurger.  Hubby spotted a Bama fan and of course had to go over and give him a little Roll Tide.  Bama Fan guy was there with his friend dubbed LSU Fan - so some good natured SEC Football ribbing took place.

We could see the boys down below casing out their perfect spot.

Always hopeful that you pick the right spot.  You just never know if or where the guys might come over to sign.

They got lucky!  Got several autographs from Rockies and Braves players.  Chip got Braves closer,  Craig Kimbrel's autograph and chatted with him a bit.  

Harry even got one for me!  A kid named Tyler Matzek had his first major league start for the Rockies at the game we were at the night before.  That kid pitched his face off for seven innings, got a hit and scored in his very first MLB start.  The fans were loving him and I got kind of attached to him.  Harry had him sign the autograph to me.  Cute kid.  

Chip got Arenado's autograph for his buddy Matthew.  Arenado is Matthew's favorite player.  Chip was stalking that guy from the bullpen to the dugout!  

Chip also got a baseball tossed to him by favorite Braves player, first baseman Freddy Freeman.  
He was in heaven!  

The folks at Coors field are so very hospitable.  The lady working in our Section was passing out sunscreen to those of us that had not applied enough and it was a lifesaver!  Another fellow snapped this family picture for us.  Nice people at Coors. 

Hubby got some great actions shots during the game. 

We got to see a couple of home runs in this game which was awesome!  Chip's Braves lost again to the Rockies, but it was a very nice day at the ballpark.  

Next up, we needed to get into some wilderness.  
You can't visit Colorado and stay in the city the whole time! 

We worked our way out of town and went to Lookout Mountain. 

Ahhhhhh, this is nice.  

Harry yodeling off the mountain! 

My boys. 

My sweet Harry!

Took a few "Senior" pictures of Harry in this beautiful setting.  

Dad getting too close to the edge.  Get back! 

Chip getting in on the posing action.  

Beautiful views. 

We headed down this path to do a little exploring! 

Hubby and his photography.

It was a great path and we wandered down it for a while.

Coming up was a little more challenging. 

After leaving Lookout Mountain we went a couple more miles down the road to Golden Colorado.  Home of Coors Beer. 

We ate dinner at Woody's Wood Fired Pizza.  It was a hopping place so we figured it would be good.

It did not disappoint.  I had a draft Coors in a super cold mug.  Delicious. 

We strolled down the main street of Golden after dinner and saw the Coors plant.  It was huge.

Great day - fun afternoon - good food - spectacular scenery - awesome family time.  

Next up, ASU Orientation!