Thursday, June 26, 2014

Colorado - Day Two

Day Two of our quick trip to Colorado dawned a spectacular day!  We had a day game on tap for Thursday and as per usual, we got to the ballpark right when it opened.  

We checked out the cool area out in centerfield which serves as the bullpen. It was complete with waterfall, gorgeous trees and a beautiful patch of grass to pitch. 

I think opposing teams must think this is a pretty sweet place to hang out and warm up for a game.

The boys were hoping to see some BP, cause Coors is known for hosting spectacular home runs.  

Unfortunately, the teams didn't take BP 1:00 start days.  They didn't really mind.  That just meant they could stake out their spot to try to get some autographs.

Me and Hubby headed to the rooftop to eat at a joint called ChumBurger.  Hubby spotted a Bama fan and of course had to go over and give him a little Roll Tide.  Bama Fan guy was there with his friend dubbed LSU Fan - so some good natured SEC Football ribbing took place.

We could see the boys down below casing out their perfect spot.

Always hopeful that you pick the right spot.  You just never know if or where the guys might come over to sign.

They got lucky!  Got several autographs from Rockies and Braves players.  Chip got Braves closer,  Craig Kimbrel's autograph and chatted with him a bit.  

Harry even got one for me!  A kid named Tyler Matzek had his first major league start for the Rockies at the game we were at the night before.  That kid pitched his face off for seven innings, got a hit and scored in his very first MLB start.  The fans were loving him and I got kind of attached to him.  Harry had him sign the autograph to me.  Cute kid.  

Chip got Arenado's autograph for his buddy Matthew.  Arenado is Matthew's favorite player.  Chip was stalking that guy from the bullpen to the dugout!  

Chip also got a baseball tossed to him by favorite Braves player, first baseman Freddy Freeman.  
He was in heaven!  

The folks at Coors field are so very hospitable.  The lady working in our Section was passing out sunscreen to those of us that had not applied enough and it was a lifesaver!  Another fellow snapped this family picture for us.  Nice people at Coors. 

Hubby got some great actions shots during the game. 

We got to see a couple of home runs in this game which was awesome!  Chip's Braves lost again to the Rockies, but it was a very nice day at the ballpark.  

Next up, we needed to get into some wilderness.  
You can't visit Colorado and stay in the city the whole time! 

We worked our way out of town and went to Lookout Mountain. 

Ahhhhhh, this is nice.  

Harry yodeling off the mountain! 

My boys. 

My sweet Harry!

Took a few "Senior" pictures of Harry in this beautiful setting.  

Dad getting too close to the edge.  Get back! 

Chip getting in on the posing action.  

Beautiful views. 

We headed down this path to do a little exploring! 

Hubby and his photography.

It was a great path and we wandered down it for a while.

Coming up was a little more challenging. 

After leaving Lookout Mountain we went a couple more miles down the road to Golden Colorado.  Home of Coors Beer. 

We ate dinner at Woody's Wood Fired Pizza.  It was a hopping place so we figured it would be good.

It did not disappoint.  I had a draft Coors in a super cold mug.  Delicious. 

We strolled down the main street of Golden after dinner and saw the Coors plant.  It was huge.

Great day - fun afternoon - good food - spectacular scenery - awesome family time.  

Next up, ASU Orientation!  

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  1. Nice town. This time I used one of the family pics for my computer. LOL! Didn't want anyone's feelings being hurt by using monkey pic over a family pic for my screen saver.
    Those hiking trails look scary like there may be wild cats, etc up in them there hills. You guys are brave.