Monday, June 23, 2014

Colorado Trip - Day One

The family took a quick trip to Denver, Colorado on the way to Phoenix for Harry's orientation at ASU.  We started our trip at the airport and the boys order a whole Manja pizza and demolished it before out flight.  Best pizza ever!  

Our first morning in Denver we made a trip to the flagship REI that was about a mile from our hotel.  It was a very cool store on some beautiful property.

It was huge and very industrial.  A climbing wall right in the middle of the store. 

It was right on a river and we strolled around a bit enjoying the excellent weather.  Long sleeve shirts!  That is what is up in Denver in June. 

My boys!  Harry doing some important texting.  Let's take a vote to see who thinks he is corresponding with his Academic Advisor at ASU to see if there are any classes he can take this summer to prepare him for the rigor of college - OR - is it more likely he is texting Ryan to make a trade in fantasy baseball.  Log your votes here!

Look how pretty it is at the front of this store! 

Next up on the agenda for the day, a visit to the Hammond Candy Factory for a factory tour.

We love us a factory tour.  Free Hats!! 

Even Dad got into it!  He looks so happy to be going on a factory tour. 

We are in and it is very cool!  Putting the candy on the stretcher - it turned a gorgeous color within seconds of being put on this machine. 

They work the candy on these warming tables that have a fire under the metal hood.  Keeping it flexible while they get it the right length and width.  It hardens within seconds when it gets cool!

They also show the factor floor on a big TV with cameras all over the factory.  

We got our free sucker and headed out to grab some lunch.  Not before sticking our tour sticker on the sign outside.  We were not the first ones to do that! 

Lunch was at the Cheesesteak Connection in Denver.  It was great. 

Next up, we hit the Denver Zoo!  Overcast and very mild weather. 

Hubby got some great pictures of animals.  We had to keep hurrying him along because he was lagging behind with his camera.  Check these guys out.  Cute little fox thingy.

And here is a Redneck Wild Ass right outside the Somali Wild Ass exhibit!  What a coincidence!

This was my favorite thing....that monkey crossed over the sidewalk on that rope just when me and Chip were under him.  Awesomeness!

Me getting as close to Harry as I can at all times.  You couldn't tell in this picture, but he was trying to get away from me!  Silly boy!

We had a heck of a time dragging Hubby away from this exhibit.  He thought he worked for National Geographic or something.

Chips favorite - the Komodo Dragon.

Boys having fun at the zoo! 

Check out the size of this polar bear exhibit!  That is a big bear!

Is Harry pushing 6' 2"?  That can't be right. 

Look at my sweet bear friend!  He was so happy!  Great zoo! 

Off to find dinner before the Rockies game!  Found a great place called Jackson's right across the street. 

Sports bar....TVs at each booth.  The boys were very happy. 

We hit the Colorado Rockies game that evening.  They were playing the Atlanta Braves. Sweet ballpark.  Harry said "Coors, the banquet beer." in his deep TV commercial voice about seven hundred and sixty two times.  Chip wanted to kill him.


We had great seats. 

It was a beautiful evening for baseball.  Harry was sitting next to me and he turned to me and said "Is it wrong that there is no where on earth that I would rather be than right here?"  Not in my mind it isn't!

Wrapped up a fabulous day in Denver!   Colorado is awesome!  

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  1. Good photos hubby. I used the close up of the monkey for my computer. Was that a live Cheata? And next time you eat a cheese-steak, please have hubby do a close up.