Friday, June 6, 2014

Goodbye May

May was an absolute whirlwind.  Now that it is in my rear view mirror I want to go back and catch up on a few things that I want to write about so that I don't forget them.  So let's just recap some random happenings from May in bullet form:

  • This was Chip's "Perfect Birthday" list of how he wanted to celebrate his birthday.  What kid wants to wake up at 5:00 a.m. on his twelfth birthday?  I still crack up when I read it.  I think we knocked it out of the ballpark. 

  • This is a sign that me and Chip painted from a piece of wood I found in someone's trash on my early morning walk.  We threw some paint on it and hung it up in the Bird Sanctuary, also know as the backyard.  

I also bought a few more chairs and a lantern for the table.  We are using the back patio more than ever these days. 

  • Harry had his Thespian Banquet the same day as Chip's birthday party.  Hubby snapped this picture before Harry ran out the door and before I had a chance to shower and dress for the occasion.  They got a good laugh out of it, saying the picture looked like Harry was a corporate executive and I was getting an award for Lunch Lady of the Year.  Not far from the truth.

  • At the banquet, Harry bequeathed a nerf football and an Alabama stuffed animal to a couple of  underclassman.  It is a neat tradition that all the Seniors do at the end of year Banquet. 

  • Then the Thespian officer's also pass down something personal to the next year's officers taking their place.  Harry gave his much loved Alabama key chain to his buddy Andrew who was taking over as Public Relations.  I think there was a Roll Tide exchanged in there somewhere, too! 

  • Harry received the Outstanding Senior Award!  He had such an exceptional experience with theatre in high school.  Made some terrific friends, participated in some excellent productions and had a lot of fun.  Now his name will hang in the halls of the high school for years to come.  Way to go Harry!

  • Harry is not the only threatre performer in our house.  The week before graduation, Chip's middle school class put on a couple of ten minute plays.  Chip was thrilled that his Alabama entourage was in Texas and could come see him perform.  He was awesome!  He played the part of a pretty terrible "Tooth Fairy in Training" named Leon.  He was a hot mess as a tooth fairy and the real Tooth Fairy was getting pretty peeved at him. 

Could Leon be any cuter in that tutu and wings!  Takes an enormous amount of courage to wear that get up in middle school. It was a very cute performance!  He also won Top Actor for his first period class!  Great work Chip! 
  • Our house temporarily turned into a frat house with all the company we had in town. There was ping pong set up in the dining room and games were going on at all hours of the day.  Beer bottles, red solo cups, chips, dips and damn donuts out the wazoo!  I think Callie bought five dozen donuts and 48 donut holes in the five days they were here.  I am still in detox.

  • The Alabama gang also got to see Chip play in a baseball tournament while they were here.  I am telling you, May was busy!   Thankfully, Chip's first game was on a Friday night, so they got to play under the lights. 

The stands were packed.  It was a beautiful evening for baseball. 

This was a diving play that Callie snapped Chip making at first base.  Chip caught the ball and threw it to number six from his stomach to get the out at first.

Looking all official at first base. 

The sun was setting on this beautiful Friday evening and it looked like a fireball.  Couldn't resist taking a picture. 

Great sunset at the ballpark with a sliver of a moon in the sky.  Gorgeous!  But then the bugs came out and it was intense.  We were dodging beetles for the last hour of the game.  The boys won big however and it was worth it. 

It was a very small tournament with only four teams, but the A's dominated.  They scored 49 runs and only gave up 5 in four total games.  They got their very first 1st place trophy.  Good times.  Just a few more tournaments to go and baseball season will be over.  

Along with all the other company heading home, Hubby left for England, Ireland, Scotland, etc. for a business trip the day after Graduation.  He comes home today!  Chip has baseball this weekend, but I am hoping that we are getting back to something close to normal in June!  

Here is to dreams of some slow summer days that last forever!  Have a great weekend!  

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  1. WHOOPS! Just realized I gave away Harry's Identity in the last post by revealing his real name. OMG, lock the doors, pull the shades and post Astro by the door. LOL! Sorry....
    Anyho... Chipster, is a funny little fellow. Laughed at his birthday letter. What a sweetie.
    I know he was one happy birthday boy.