Monday, June 2, 2014

Graduation Day

Graduation Day finally arrived.  We have been dreading looking forward to this day for a long while!  May has been a whirlwind month and it culminated on Saturday with the official graduation ceremony.  

We headed over to the event center and ended up behind the caravan of buses carrying 673 graduating seniors.  I have no idea which bus Harry was on, but it is one of them!  

PJ and Amy came down from Frisco for the ceremony.

Proud parents! 

Aunt Callie

The event center is filling up with forty minutes left before the ceremony. 

The stage is set.  Then the music starts and my eyes start watering.  They show the kids on the jumbotron TV and their smiles are a mile wide.  They are so happy! 

Then we see Harry!  And he sees us! 

He looks so dapper in his gown. 

Finding his seat.  We were so happy that the girl beside him had on a green topper on her hat!  
It really helped us find Harry in a sea of maroon. 

The ceremony begins.

Harry in line to get his name called!  Smile and wave boys, smile and wave! 

Captured him on the Jumbotron!  

Then the graduates stand and move their tassels from one side to the other and they are officially GRADUATES!!! 

Can you find Harry flashing his Fork 'em signs!  

Then they linked arms, swayed together and sang their Alma Mater.  It was wonderful! 

Harry and his buddies. 

The family.

Megan picked him up and held him like a baby, one more time!  

Megan, Harry and Malarie! 

Callie and her three Texas nephews. 

Me and my sweet boy! 

Hubby and Harry! 

The boys.

Harry and RV - headed to ASU! 

Big boys and their little brothers! 

Boys and Moms.

Proud parents. 

My two heart walking outside my body! 

Brett, Malarie, Esra and Megan smiling big with Harry and Chip!  
It was so great to have them here to celebrate!  

We are so blessed that our family is made up of the coolest, funniest, most awesome people we know!

Big things ahead for Harry but for now we are just going to relax for a while! 


  1. Congratulations Momma!!! How much did you cry? :o)

  2. My crying stats:

    2 - All out weeping with running nose and everything.
    2 - Tears rolling down face.
    3 - Eyes got watery but no tears were produced.

    That is seven times total. My heart wanted to break about six times through the day, but I don't know how to count that!

    1. Your eyes are so blue after you cry... LOL.. Bless your heart!
      So very proud of Tyler. He has grown into a handsome young man and I know he will continue to make you proud.

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