Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top Ten Tidbits

Jotting down the first ten things that come to mind.  Random.  Quick.

1.  There is so much ping pong going on around here!  I beat Chip three times yesterday.  It was epic and requires documentation.  I hardly ever win.  I mean seriously, it was the first thing that came to mind for this list.
2.  Astro is shedding like it is his job.  He is rocking his job.
3.  I made ribs this week.  They were delicious.
4.  Getting ready for a trip to the beach - WAHOO!!!
5.  Lakeside yard sale is tomorrow.  My friends and neighbors are awesome and have donated so much great stuff.  Car is packed to the max!
6.  Chip got a cool new summer haircut.  It is spiked up in the front.  He is precious.
7.  Harry has worked his last day at his first job.  Great experience.  Now, he can enjoy a few weeks of freedom before college starts.
8.  The cashier at Petco told me lizards can live for thirty years.  WTH?  I do not want to buy crickets for thirty years.
9.  I am avoiding the grocery store.  Don't want to go.  Don't want to go.  Don't want to go.  Not exactly sure why I am all the sudden opposed to the grocery store, but it is a real dilemma, because my people continue to want to eat.
10. We watched some old home movies over the holiday weekend.  Laughed so hard.  So glad we captured so many memories of our kids.  Good stuff.

Good day to you!  I am going to go kiss my lucky ping pong paddle - sweep up some dog hair - make a list to pack for the beach - buy more damn crickets and avoid the grocery store.  Hope your day is half as fun as that!

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  1. Go online and learn how to catch them in home made traps. Many you tube videos.. CHipster would probably love this science project.