Saturday, August 16, 2014

ASU Move In Day

I interrupt the beach pictures for this important announcement!  

My sweet Harry has moved into the dorm at ASU!  It is really happening. He is going to college at Arizona State!  Hubby and Harry drove out to Phoenix with his truck loaded down with every possible thing he might need over the next nine months.  It was probably overkill, but as his mom it makes me feel better knowing he hopefully has everything he might need.  

Here are some pictures of Thursday was a pretty emotional morning packing his truck and watching him pull out of the driveway.

Me and Chip flew out to Phoenix yesterday to meet them for move in day today.  We had a nice dinner and got in some wonderful laughs.  We were absolutely in stitches on the drive back to the hotel...all four of us.  I won't always remember what we were laughing about, but I will remember that it felt precious to me and I want to remember that forever! 

This morning, check in time was bright and early....between 6 and 7 a.m.    We caravanned down to campus.  That is Harry's truck in front of us!  

Look at downtown Phoenix in front of him.  That is where he is going to live! 

Everything was well marked and there were volunteers all over the place. 

First order of business was to check in and get his dorm key.  He handled that like a boss! 

This is Taylor place, where Harry will be living. Fourteen floors of awesomeness! 

This is the Cronkite building just across the street where he will have classes.

They had streets closed down and a terrific system set up to unload cars quickly and keep things moving. 

You back up your car and unload all the stuff into these rolling crates. There was music blaring and the atmosphere was very upbeat and exciting. 

Even the parking assistants were awesome!  This guy said "Hey Mom, want a picture of the coolest parking assistant out here?"  I said "Of course!"  Then I promptly turned away and walked right into a street sign.  Chip said "Mom, seriously I need to put you on a leash."  What does that mean?  

Sparky was there too!  

Chip said "Now, my life is complete."

It was time to unload Harry.


Harry's crates and the ASU DJ in the background.  It was hopping! 

The volunteers were outstanding.  This is Amanda.  We had to wait in line for an elevator to take us up to the 12th floor and got some time to get to know her.  She is a senior, majoring in Communications and is in charge of all intramural sports at the downtown campus.  She filled Harry in on the how, what, when of all things intramural.  By the time we hit the 12th floor she was yelling to the RAs like "I am bringing your floor an awesome family from Texas!  Good snacks packed!  You are welcome!" 

This is Harry's hallway and he is the last room on the left. 

When we got there, his roommate was already there.  Super nice fella from Illinois that loves the Brewers.  His parents were very nice and we got busy getting this space a little organized for our two freshman. 

It didn't take long before everything was put away and the bed made.  There were a couple of glitches like we both ordered water coolers for the room and instead of 3 five gallon water jugs, we had seven!  There will have to be some kind of return organized, but that wasn't too bad of a situation. 

Harry and his roommate worked out the logistics of how they would lay out their TVs (super important!) and other electronics.  

This is the view from Harry's windows.  There are building the law school right outside his window.  That will be kind of interesting to watch go up over the next year. 

Well, I think that about does it. 

I had Harry and BP take a picture.  I almost had them let me mark their height on the wall to see how much they grow before we pick them back up in May, but decided against it.  I was really showing some restraint here! 

Me and my boy.  I didn't cry.  I didn't even want to cry.  It felt exciting. It felt like I wished I could stay and join the fun.  Me and Hubby both thought it felt great dropping him off at a place where we really think he has every opportunity to soar!  Great day!  Happy day!  

We have a parent reception tomorrow afternoon and then that will really be out last goodbye for a while.  Only a phone call away is what we said as we left!  

And then he called.

He left his phone charger at the hotel, could we bring it tomorrow?  

Of course we can!  

He already hit the town and went to lunch with his pals from Texas!  Floor meeting tonight and several other welcome events planned for the week before school starts.  

Good times ahead!  Fork 'Em, Harry! 


  1. "An awesome family from Texas." While there has never been a truer statement, I'm not sure even that captures the true essence of your wonderful family. I know college is supposed to be fun, but your family does fun like no other. I'm not sure college can compete with your level of fun.

    And if Drew puts you on a leash, I'm sure Astro can give you some tips on how to wiggle out of it. If I remember correctly, he is quite good at that!

    Also, I have shown great restraint holding in my complaints, but "A Week At The Beach" is SEVEN days. Where are the other FOUR? I sure would have loved to have seen the Bob tribute. Please tell me you taped it!

  2. Wow, just wow! What a fantastic opportunity for Harry to learn and grow. So proud of him and Chip.

  3. I cracked up at just the thought of you asking if you could mark their height on the wall. Very excited for Harry! What an amazing opportunity!!!! You done good! :o)