Sunday, August 17, 2014

ASU - Who is this guy?

This morning we headed down to the ASU campus for a couple of parent receptions.  The first was for the entire downtown campus.  It was a terrific gathering with lots of great questions and answers.  Next up, we had a reception with just the Cronkite parents.  Again, an exceptional meeting.  Every single time I attend one of these, I get more and more excited about the opportunities that are provided and the experiences that are available to these kids.  Here are just a snapshot of a few of the things that Dean Callahan had to say:

  • He gave us his email address.  His office number.  His home phone number.  His personal cell phone number.  WHAT?  You read that right.  He said "I am a parent.  I have a college kid.  I am here to help.  Call me if you need me.  I don't know much, but usually someone on my staff can help us figure it out."  
  • There are 271 freshman in the Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications.  The Dean and fourteen other senior staff teach the ASU Experience class.  They want to get to know our kids.  Faces with names, etc.  The Dean said we don't take attendance because this is college,  but we do have a quiz the first minute of every single class.  If your kid misses two quizzes, they will get  a call from me.  
  • He talked about the SuperBowl being in Phoenix.  He said the kids will have countless opportunities to get involved. He said Bob Costas and a host of other Sports Broadcasters are slated to speak at the Cronkite the week of the SuperBowl.  There is a SuperBowl academic class for upper clansmen.  Although, that won't be available for Harry, the Dean said it was going to be a thrilling time for all kids in the journalism college.  Talk about a perfect spot for Harry!  
  • He said, if your kid can't make it home for Thanksgiving, the Dean and his wife Jean provide a shuttle and invite them all out to their house for football and food.  He says he has had between four and eighteen kids.  Nothing fancy he said, but they will have a place to be.
  • He said dang near 100% of kids leave Cronkite with a job.  A job in their field.  YAY!  
It was awesome - excellent - so, so reassuring that he is going to have all the benefits of a big school, but the smaller community of the downtown campus and even smaller community of the Cronkite School.  Just left me and Hubby with such reassurance and excitement.  We dang near skipped out of that reception to go see our boy!  

So, we find him down in the Cronkite lobby where they have set up every organization and all the student groups and activities.   He is standing at a table surrounded by lots of kids.  He has already talked to Michael Wong the internship director and told him he would love to work for the Suns, Diamondbacks, Cardinals.  He has signed up for the newspaper staff.  Then he goes on to tell us about his evening and morning.  

He drove to Tempe with a couple of kids and picked up his buddy RV and they went to lunch.  He came back to Phoenix and walked around downtown with his new roommate BP.  He then went to the hall meeting and met some awesome kids. They played cards down on a different floor till the wee hours of the morning.  They woke up early and ate breakfast and then seven kids hit the gym to work out.  Then listen to this.....they had turkey wraps at the Cronkite reception which were wrapped in spinach tortillas with lettuce, tomato and turkey.  HE ATE THAT!!!!  All of it and said it was good.  I just started cracking up when he told us that.  He laughs and says "I know!  Who is this guy?"

He was already making plans to go to the movies with his new friends after the parents left!  He has signed up with twenty guys to do a Cronkite Fantasy Football league.  They are drafting Monday night at midnight.  

He introduced us to this super nice kid named Kyle from Colorado.  We met Kyle's parents and they were so nice.  It was the BEST feeling ever to see him doing it.  Meeting people, getting involved, following our advice and making the most of the opportunity.  Could not have walked away from there feeling any better!  

He is off and running!   They ran all the freshman names outside on the ticker of the Cronkite building. His name was there!  He is going to college at ASU!  

So we are having lunch with Harry tomorrow before we head to the airport to head back home to Texas.  God, am I ever going to miss that kid.  He has owned a big ol' giant piece of my heart since the moment he made me a mom and always, always, always will forever and ever.  But my sadness of him not living with us day in and day out is just completely overshadowed by my excitement for this amazing opportunity that he has in front of him.  Go get 'em Harry!  Go do good things!  Go find your place out in the world and always, always remember that home is where your Mom is!  And Dad!  And Chip!  

I can't wait to hear of his adventures and life lessons and even challenges and hardships.  I hope he feels safe to know he can screw up and still call home and we will always do what we can to help!   So proud to be his parent!  So looking forward to the future!  

ASU Rocks!  Fork 'em!  


  1. Sounds so exciting. ASU sounds like a wonderful close knit college full of great mentors who will look out for Harry. Glad he is immersing himself into the college experience with gusto. Look forward to hearing about his accomplishments. I'm biased, but what a cool dude!