Friday, August 22, 2014

Beach Trip - Day Four

Let's wrap up the Beach Trip blogs before middle school starts next week and I have to switch gears again.  I will first tell you that I had an official complaint logged by my two primary readers that they did not like it when I put the picture captions before the pictures.  It was conscious decision I made trying to tell the story before the picture, but it has thrown Bob and Lana for a loop so we will go back to the old way!  Picture...followed by some clever description of what you just looked at!  

You are welcome, Mom and Dad! 

Read that sign. 

Do you see what it says?  

South Baldwin Medical Center.  

Is anyone surprised?  


Would you be surprised if I told you we visited this fine establishment two days in a row?  


I didn't think so.

The patient was Harry.  He was feeling kind of under the weather so Hubby took him to have his throat swabbed and make sure he didn't have strep.  He didn't. 

The next morning he woke up with pink eye.  Serious pink eye.  The kind where you have to unglue your eyelid with your hand.  Yep, we are definitely on vacation.  It was Mom's turn to hit the doctor's office with Harry and we spent a couple of hours watching some cute little two year old girls worry their mothers to death cause they were running all over that waiting room.  Their moms were exhausting me just watching them chase those little nuggets all over the place. The little girls were just precious.  We got some good eye drops and headed back to the beach house.  

We had some serious storms trying to roll in.  No one in our house seemed to care.  We just kept getting sun screened up and headed down to the beach. 

This doesn't look ominous at all, does it?  Perfect beach weather. 

Actually, the storm was stirring up some pretty awesome waves!  

Harry getting his eye washed out by nature. 

Toby caught a big one.

Chip rode it all the way in. 

Hasselhof playing lifeguard. 

Fly Harry! 

Since the weather was kind of sketchy we decided to head into Gulf Shores and eat at Lamberts before it got too crowded.  HAHA!  This damn place is always packed!  It was an hour wait.  Why does everyone like to eat at a restaurant with giant rolls that get thrown at you from across the room?  Why is that such a draw? 

Cause the rolls are so dang good.  Seriously good. 

Just ask anyone in our party of 13. 

An hour wait? 

No problem. 

I honestly can't even remember what we did after we ate at Lamberts.  Food coma?

That is possible.  

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