Sunday, August 10, 2014

Beach Trip - Day Three

Day three at the beach!   We woke up with some ambitious plans to make this a day that Bob would not soon forget!  First, we were whipping him up a grand breakfast with breakfast casserole and fried potatoes.  One of his favorites.   

He visited us in the kitchen, still lugging around his Ladder Golf Trophy and the bracket with his domination noted each step of the way.

We tried to distract him by putting him on coffee duty.  He made hundreds of pots of coffee it seemed during our week at the beach.

It was all coming together in the kitchen and the smell of sausage wafting through the house was waking people young and old.

The morning crew - our hair is a hot mess and we may or may not have clothes on from the day before - but we have already spent some time on the balcony and gotten our laughs started for the day.  In my opinion, those early hours on the balcony are the absolute best part of the week at the beach. 

Breakfast was served up and then the sun screening of the masses got started so we could all head to the beach.

Hubby hit a nature preserve walking trail close to our complex several mornings during our week at the beach.  He was on the hunt for some bird pictures.  What he found instead, damn near gave him a heart attack!  He was looking up in the trees, walking along this pretty isolated trail when he heard a hissing sound.  He thought at first it was a snake, but then he spotted this little number.

It is kind of hard to tell the scale, but he assures us it was plenty big to put a bite on a person!  So for the rest of his walk, he did not look up, he was too busy looking for crocs/gators - whatever these are! 

While we spent hours at the pool and beach, several folks stayed in and worked a puzzle or two. 

The real fun of the day was planning Skit Night.  We had all the kids together in the pool and we were making acting assignments, telling Bob stories over and over again, trying to figure out the skit schedule and props.  A lot goes in to pulling off a top notch production of some of the most hilarious of Bob's antics.  We did not have a shortage of material.  We also did not have a shortage of actors.  When I tell you that these grandkids of his were so willing and eager to put on this show, I am not even kidding you.  They were thinking about their parts, asking questions, adding things to make it even funnier, checking on the schedule, when and where they had to be.  In summary...they were ALL IN!!!  We spent the afternoon staging the props on one side of the beach house and the show was going to held on the other side where we set up a viewing area for Bob and the rest of us!  

It should be noted that the three directors/producers of this event (the same three coffee drinkers posted above) got started on some Deep Eddy Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka at about noon.  We were not feeling any pain and every single thing was hysterical by showtime at 5:00!   Let the good times roll!  ACTION!!!  

We had about fifteen skits and/or commercials on the schedule.  Here is a summary of the Bob stories we re-enacted.  

Light Bracket Fiasco

Commercial Break – Grandpa lifting hand weights

Burger King Bathroom Mix-Up

Commercial Break – Grandpa still lifting hand weights

Driving with Thumbs

Commercial Break - Cambodian Travel Poster – Don’t Ask!!!

It’s Snowing Weather Forecast – Bob’s iPhone Fail

Commercial Break - Grandpa does yard work

Walmart Photo Booth – Where does the CD go?

Commercial Break – Grandpa still lifting hand weights

Grandpa visits Dr. Yoshi with his looooonnnngggg list.

Commercial Break – CPAP Machine Fright

Indian Chief Bob hunts Buffalo

Commercial Break – Bob’s ligaments are torn from all that weight lifting

Grand Finale – Where’s my Phone!  

The kids were outstanding!  They ad libbed and nailed Grandpa at every single turn.  We could not have asked anything more from them!  We laughed so hard.  Almost couldn't bear to do the next skit because it was funnier than the last.  Bob literally jumped out of his chair and had to leave the room at the Grand Finale - laughter till you cry is the best thing ever!!!    

Here are some action shots of the kids doing their thing! 

These pictures are not that great and I can assure you it is because the photographer was laughing too much to concentrate.

Great day - awesome fun - big laughs - lots of love!  Bob was so appreciate and no one enjoyed the show more than him!

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  1. LOL, Crazy kids killed it! My fave had to be Chip doing the Cambodian. If you could photoshop Bob's Head on Chips body, I would not be able to tell the difference.
    Also loved the Selfie and Bean in his fur and horns. Too funny.....