Saturday, August 9, 2014

Beach Trip - Day Two

Day two at the beach dawned a gorgeous morning!  Everyone was up and at 'em pretty early and we were ready for some fun!  

Our beach crew! 

Walking to the boardwalk!

And as per usual, some synchronized swimming/beach dancing ensued.  If you think we look weird, you should see Bob standing on the beach directing us through all of our routine.  He is doing all of these actions on dry land!  He always swears people tell him what a nice job he is doing as they walk by and what great dancers we are.  I think he might be lying. 

The waves were great for some boogie boarding. 

After we had enough of the beach we headed up to "our pool" which was the first one you hit after you  rinsed your feet off on the boardwalk.  Man alive, it always felt so amazing to jump into the pool after being at the beach.  

Then it happens again, more synchronized swimming moves, but this time in the pool.  I got to tell you that these photos are pretty good evidence that we have really learned some moves over the years!

The planned entertainment for the day was a Ladder Golf Tournament (complete with trophy for the winner) followed up by family pictures at the beach. 

The crowd gathered and the tournament rules were established and the double elimination bracket was set up.

There was cheering and jeering from the crowd.  And of course we made such a ruckus that other neighboring families came out on their balconies to see what was going on. 

It came down to Hubby and Bob for the championship game.  As they were walking out to the field to meet the judges, someone pants'd Grandpa.  He reacted fairly quickly, but still enough time to capture his "pants on the ground" in a picture.  We will save this one for his 80th birthday album. 

Even after the pants situation, Grandpa prevailed and brought home the Ladder Golf trophy.  He was very humble as you can see in this next picture.  By this time, he was getting shouts of congratulations from a couple different condo balconies.  He basked in the victory like a true champion, displaying his trophy all week. 

After ladder ball we enjoyed an awesome pot roast dinner made by the Nice One.  It was delicious and perfect after a long day of outdoor fun.  Once everyone had their bellies full, we all put on our best, brownest of brown attire (since brown is Bob's favorite color) and headed to the beach for some family pictures.

There was so much goofing around and cracking up that I wasn't sure we would even get one good picture, but I think we managed to get a couple of them! 

Guk working it on the beach.

The Magnificent Seven! 

The Nice One's crew!  You may see a new face in that crowd...let me introduce you.  We shall call her Teacher and she is dating Toby (the bearded one!)  They have been dating for a couple of years and this was her first beach trip with the family.  She is a great girl and I think she had fun and that we didn't scare her too bad!  

Here is the whole gang.  Self timer on the camera worked brilliantly this year! 

Mer and Grandpa with the Mag 7!  Pride and joy right here people! 

The core unit! 

Another group shot that turned out cute!  It is hard to be cute in brown! 

Guk and Hubby acting like fools.  

Here are some sunset shots that Hubby took as the evening winded down. 

We all drove into town for ice cream and it was the perfect end to a pretty perfect day!

Day three is coming up and it was the best of the best....SKIT NIGHT!!!  I can still crack up just thinking about it! 

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  1. Wow! Those were some beautiful photos of the family. Looks like everyone had a great time. Can't wait to see the other pics. Is Harry the tallest member of the family?