Saturday, August 23, 2014

Beach Trip - Wrap Up

I know our trip to the beach was seven days long - but we are going to wrap up the beach trip summary blog series with this fifth and final post.  

Not even exactly sure what we did each day at the end of our week. 
There was a lot of this....heading to the beach. 

Always followed by this...dip in the pool.  

Lots of this...resting and relaxing.

And massive amounts of this....Hey, Magnificent Seven, y'all get together and let us take a picture.  That was primarily followed with lots of eye rolling - but we were persistent and got the shot.

On Wednesday, we had our traditional day of crabs.  Best day ever at the beach.  My mom's steamed crabs are probably one of my favorite things to eat ever!  

Hasselhof wearing his Redneck hat with a bottle opener.  He opened some cold beers for the crab eaters.  Nothing better! 

We set up the balcony with several tables and chairs so we could all eat together. 

Grandpa teaching Chip how to clean a crab.  All seven of the grandkids were around the table partaking in the feast! 

Chip picked it up really quick and mastered the claws in no time!  

Delicious!!!  Great job Mom!  

There was frisbee at the beach most evenings. 

Spotting sea creatures and beach strolling were also very popular. 

We took tons of those new fangled "selfies" and we were terrible at them!  How long do your arms have to be?  As I am typing this, I realize all of our arms are in this picture, so this one must have been taken by one of our kids.  That explains why it isn't as horrible as the others we took ourselves! 

We did the traditional go cart riding night. The boys love this night.  Me?  I could definitely skip it with no problem.  

Everyone was tall enough to drive themselves.  

They rode two or three times on different tracks.  

They were so happy! 

The girls took Mer out for lunch on her birthday.  Hubby and Grandpa took the kids out to eat and to the pier to see what folks were catching. 

Look at this cute picture of the Magnificent Seven looking over the pier.  Love, Love, Love.

Look, here they are again!  What a good looking bunch! 

Grandpa getting in on the action. 

Again!  They loved this!  

Not really.  But look at the smiles!  Thanks kids, we need these pictures for a project. 

On our last day at the beach, we gave Grandpa this massive picture frame filled with all the pictures we have of the Magnificent Seven.  He loves this crazy kids. 

It turned out great and is hanging up in their house already! 

It was a spectacular week at the beach.  Lots of laughs.  Lots of coffee on the balcony.  Beautiful weather.  Lots of memories to take home with each of us!  

It doesn't get much better than that!  Can't wait until next time! 

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