Saturday, August 9, 2014

FINALLY - Beach Trip Recap

Well, we have been back from a fabulous week at the beach for weeks now and still have not updated my blog with a recap of our excellent adventure!  Lana ends every phone conversation these days with "I am checking your blog every day looking for something about the beach!"  That gets fixed right now!

We headed out early afternoon for our first pit stop in Houston to see an Astros game.  We have been to lots of Astros games this year.  At least it seems like it anyway!   I don't know where the pictures are from this particular day, but mostly it was filled with driving, eating at a new restaurant called Gringo's and the Astros game.  A couple of interesting/funny/worth mentioning so we can laugh about it later things happened at the Astros game.  First, a guy that Hubby works with was also at the game and sat exactly two rows behind us.  It was not planned at all.  What are the odds that you would sit so close to someone you know in a stadium of that size and have no idea?  Weird.

Then I had a little pajama problem, in that I forgot to pack my pajamas in the overnight bag, so I ended up buying an Astros short and t-shirt shirt set to wear for the evening.  I left the game a little early, because the hotel is a very short walk across the street from the stadium and I could.  Unless you go to lots of sporting events and always have to wait till the bitter end to leave because your people won't leave early....even if it is a just can't understand the awesomeness of being able to leave when you want to leave!  It is the coolest set up ever and I love staying there for Astros game.  Anyway, I went back to the hotel and changed into my little shorts set.  I thought it was super soft and comfy - didn't really give much consideration to how it looked.  The boys came into the room about 30 minutes later and Harry takes one look at me when I open the door and says "God Mom, you look like a Hooter girl."  At first I was like "What?" then I was all "OMG, that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me!"  He did not mean it as a compliment exactly, but I took it as one!  Ha!  We all went to sleep cracking up!

The next morning we headed on down the road toward the beach!  We were sidelined by a dang chemical spill on the interstate which resulted in a 140 mile detour!  Seriously!

Fortunately, in the afternoon when everyone was super ready to get the hell out of the car we came upon our first Krystals restaurant.  That is Harry's all time favorite burger joint that he can usually only get in Bama.  We pulled off the interstate and took a break getting a quick Krystal fix.  Bad news was it took 37 dang minutes from walking into the restaurant to walking out with our to-go order.  This is a fast food place - not a sit down restaurant.  I mean the absolute worst customer service ever.  Brutal.  But even with the extended wait, Harry was blissfully happy with his burgers.  I am all about making my sweet Harry blissfully happy these days.  (A mere 5 days from today, he heads to college!)

After a long, long, long drive we finally arrived in Fort Morgan!  So dang happy!

Here is our home for the week!

We rolled up, unpacked the car, grabbed a quick sandwich and got busy celebrating with the family!  There were fifteen of us in attendance for a week of fun in the sun, celebrating Bob's 70th birthday!

Our first activity was to hang up Bob's Birthday Banner.  Check out that senior picture!  Handsome guy!  We gave Bob a welcome basket with some of his favorite things, but the best gift of the night was a DVD that was made by The Nice One's hubby.  It was about a 40 minute movie compilation of pictures and videos of Bob through his life set to some great music.  It was outstanding!

After that, we headed to the beach for some night fishing!

Sisters!  Together again!  

It was a beautiful, still night.  Although, because there was not much of a breeze, there were some serious bugs!  Kids were up to their knees with flashlights and nets trying to bring in some exciting sea creatures. 

This little guy was tiny and mad!  No harm dude....everyone and everything was tossed back into the ocean after some pictures! 

The girls!  Looking forward to a great week with some of my favorite peeps! 

Great shot of of the moon through the beach grass.  Hubby working that photography!  

Much more to come!  Man it feels good to at least get something posted!  

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