Saturday, September 13, 2014


Rainy Saturdays are so rare.
So amazing.
So beautiful.
So welcome.
College football on a rainy Saturday is AMAZEBALLS!

And it is chilly!
Like really chilly!
Wearing a coat chilly!
Brewed two pots of coffee chilly!
Cooler weather is AMAZEBALLS!

I have had fish and brown rice five times in the last 48 hours.
That is a lot of fish and brown rice.
I have also had an abundance of egg whites.
Clean food fuels your body.
Taste is not so AMAZEBALLS - but I feel better already.

Chip has his first football game on Monday night.
He is A-Team Left Guard.
He really wanted to play defense.
He was a little disappointed with offensive line.
I am sure he will be AMAZEBALLS.

I am pretty sure that AMAZEBALLS is not a real word.
It should be.
It is a great word.

1 comment:

  1. Reminds me of a Master chef episode I watched the other night. A girl had to cook testicles. She impressed the judges with her delicious and beautifully plated dish.
    I think Gordon Ramsey and the other judges were probably wanting to say.... AMAZEBALLS ! after sampling her dish but instead they just complimented her.