Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Are You Ready For Some Football??

The first middle school football game of the season was kicked off last night.  


This is the first tackle football game EVER for Chip!   

I got there plenty early to watch lots of Chip's friends on the B Team!  
It was a great game and the Cougars won 38 - 34!  

Here are a couple of pictures from the B Team game.

See this #20 heading down the field.  His name is Ethan.  He scored five touchdowns. Doing just this...running down the field faster than anyone.  He was quite fun to watch. 

This is the A-Team jumping up and down, celebrating the B Team success on the field.  
Chip's buddies played great and I was so glad to see them cheering each other on! 

Then here comes my favorite Offensive Lineman #65!  Here are some pictures of his debut!

Can you see the size of that MAN that is across from my sweet baby??  
My goodness, what are they feeding these kids?  

They worked hard, but came up short.  There were some unfortunate turnovers and the other team had a QB that was lights out throwing beautiful spiral passes for thirty yards or more.  No joke.  Kid had gobs of talent.  I am going to try to find out his name cause he is going to be in the NFL, I just know it. The Cougars have lots of work to do to get better, but I think they are up for the challenge.

After the game the kids rode back to school on the bus.  I picked Chip up at the back of the school and he was a hot sweaty mess.  He fell into the car and said "That was the best night of my life."  I just cracked up.  He really did have fun, even taking a thumping.  

Can't wait till next week!  C - O - U - G - A - R - S!!!  Cougars!  Cougars! Cougars!  


  1. Looking good Chip! Just looking at his picture in the end made me thirsty. I bet he slept like a log after that game. He is so cute.

  2. You must remember not to run out on the field to help he with those big guys . He sounds like he is a happy camper, after getting hit once he well throw his weight back. So happy that he loves it