Saturday, September 6, 2014

Before and After

Washed the pants twice.  The first time, they came out looking exactly like they did when I put them in.  Filthy.  The second time, I took Martha's advice (and half a stick of Oxiclean Max) and washed them with a bunch of towels.  That apparently weighs them down so they can get good and soaked.  The sewn in pads make them float otherwise.  Here is the before and after.  

Not gonna lie...they could probably stand to go through the wash a third time, but I will use the same philosophy I do with baseball pants.  Why try to get them white, when they are just going to go out and get them dirty again.  They are clean.  It is enough! 

Happy Saturday!  


  1. Great job. You could go out and beat them with some rocks by a river. Just an idea
    Love Mer

    1. I love using Awsome, even my allergy doc uses it. I don't know how it would do compared to the oxy stuff. You can use it on clothes as well as other stuff. I spray my car down with it before washing it and the stuff just slides off. Just a thought. They look fine. As you said, who cares they are going to be grounding in more dirt through the season. Tx for sharing. LOve the rock beating idea as well as it will loosen those hard to get deep down stains. LOL