Tuesday, September 2, 2014

College Update

Harry is rocking college.  He is having a terrific time and we are not anticipating any kind of "I'm homesick!" phone calls.  In fact, I am worried he may never want to come back!  Damn Phoenix, being awesome and everything!  Here are some highlights I want to remember:

1.  In no time flat he found his posse, his peeps, his pals!  All pretty ravenous sports fans.  It is what makes him tick.

2.  He has been in Phoenix for two weeks and has been to four Diamondbacks baseball games (walking distance from the dorm), a Rookie Ball baseball game, an ASU football game, joined a fantasy football league and started a flag football team in the ASU intramural league.  First game is next Tuesday.

3.   He has gone to a Sports Broadcasting meeting and is going to try out to be the broadcaster for the hockey team, reporter for the girls basketball team and maybe a sports photographer of some kind.

4.  His roommate is great!  He is one of the boys!

5.  He found (yes, found...not bought!) a gallon of milk in the stairwell and he put that in his fridge.  NOOOOOOOO, screams his mother.  He just laughs.

6.  Announced that you do not need to pick up your books until well after classes start.  That is what everyone says.  Not sure who "everyone" is, but I would like to box their ears.

7.  He is going to class, working on assignments ahead of time, fighting with the internet to do homework and submit assignments while also having late night PS4 tournaments.

So, all is right in the world.  Phoenix is awesome, school is great....Harry is making the most of his freshman year.  We are so excited that his jumping in, getting involved, figuring it all out.  We have face timed with him a couple of times and it was great to see his handsome face.

I am sending him pictures of his brother and the dog.

He is sending me pictures of the food he is eating (especially when it is healthy) and where he is sitting in various stadiums all over the Phoenix metro area!

Let's just give the kid a hand for doing his freshman year up right!  Having fun....and hopefully getting his work done!

Way to go, Harry!

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  1. So glad to hear he is adjusting well. He is a star in the making and I am sure he will do well. Did I see green food on a plate? LOL, about the milk... Hey at least he is trying.. I bet Astro misses him. Shout out to Chipster and his muscle pose... Cool kid!