Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Ups and Downs of Football

The Cougars played Monday night against Hernandez Middle School.  It was a beautiful afternoon at the Cougars home field!  There were cheerleaders and banners to run through!  Oh yeah! 

Let's Go Cougars! 

Everybody do that Cougar Rumble! 

C - O - U - G - A - R - S! 

Here they come! 

There is my favorite Left Tackle #65!  

Ms. Connie (my sweet friend and Chip's Preschool teacher) and her daughter Brittany (Drew's favorite ever babysitter and first crush) came to watch Chip's game!  So sweet!  He was tickled! 

The Cougars return the kickoff for a touchdown!  Woo Hoo!  Great start! 

They got the two point conversion and went up 8 - 0! 

Didn't realize that is all the scoring that would happen for the whole game.  The Cougars starting QB went out and look at this little pumpkin who played QB.  Isn't he so cute??  

Also, super cute is Chip's football buddy.  They have been friends for years and years! 

Cute shirt!  Super cute young lady! 

Cougars have several fine defensive stands and hold the other team to a goose egg on the scoreboard!  They were so happy to get a W! 

Look  at that smile!  Chip said he has the best Football Buddy of anyone.  The first week she game him a cool sports necklace that was black and red.  Then this week she gave him a giant bag of gum and blow pops!  That is sweet! 

After the game, Chip's left foot was killing him.  He was limping like an old man.  The pain was mostly in the heel of his foot.  Tuesday I sent a note to the coaches and asked if he could take it easy till we got the foot thing figured out and I called to get an appointment with a pediatric podiatrist.  

This is a picture from today at the doctor's office.  Where is that smile, Chip?  The doctor gave him a thorough review and took an X-ray of his left foot.   Diagnosis is Sever's Disease...inflammation of the growth plate of the heel.  All the football workouts and working his calves so much have tightened up his Achilles and plantar tendons and caused them to aggravate the growth plate and it is really inflamed.

The doctor said he needs to do five things to make it better.

1.  Ice - Minimum of three times a day for 10 minutes each time.  
2.  Advil - 3 times a day for 7 days
3.  Stretch - 3 times a day and before and after activities
4.  Inserts for his Shoes - we got some for cleats and tennis shoes
5.  Rest - The doctor said to give him at least a week of rest which means he can start back to practice next Tuesday morning.  

The doctor said if Chip did all five of these consistently that he should be remarkably better next week. Chip said the inserts felt so good.  He probably has horrible feet like his mother!  Sorry Chip! 

 He is very sad about being out of practice this week and missing the game on Monday.  Hopefully, his foot will recover quickly! 

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