Friday, September 5, 2014

Top Ten Tidbits

Couple of quick thoughts rattling around in the old brain.  Thought I would share them.

1.  Getting Bob's blog set up has re-ignited my blogging fires.  Thanks Dad.  This is post #725 if anyone is counting.

2.  Chip had his first football practice in full pads.  He was stoked.  Loved it.  So glad.

3.  Last night, Harry had an audition to be the ASU Hockey play by play announcer.  Hockey?  This could be interesting.  He also accepted a position as the Men's Soccer team photojournalist.  Kid is all kinds of getting involved.

4.  Bible Study starts back up next week.  CAN. NOT. WAIT.

5.  I worked eleven hours Thursday.  That is way too much.

6.  Several of my good friends have had surgery recently.  Back, shoulder, knee...all kinds of parts going under the knife.  I am ready for them to get healthy and healed!

7.  I made sausage balls the other day (and it wasn't Christmas).  You would have thought I cooked a million dollar meal according to Chip.  He is in love with sausage balls.

8.  My friend Sarah did an impromptu skit in my kitchen last week called "Cork It".  I swear to you I have not laughed that hard in a long, long time.  She is some kind of funny!

9. My niece, the Queen, had her first softball game this week.

Look at her rocking her first softball uniform!  The texts coming from my sister during the game were hysterical.  Felt like t-ball updates but with 11 year old girls, lots of screaming and cheering, not much covering the plate or getting outs.  Way different than the texts we were getting from the Jr. College World Series when her middle son was playing this year!  The Queen's team got skunked but she had a blast!

10.   Football is back.  Life is good.

So ready for the weekend!  Hope you all have a brilliant Friday and an excellent weekend!

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  1. So happy to hear the Chipster, AKA Hitter is hanging in there. Talked to Mer and she said he was funny, talking about what his coach said about something not going to be hard. LOL what a funny little fellow. And Harry is keeping busy which is very good for him. That should ease your mine that kids with bad habits, activities don't have chance at influencing him. Stay Strong Harry! So Excited for him.... And now the Queen has gotten into sports. She looks so happy. I hate sports, I mean other than tennis, sailing, ping pong, bowling, badminton, water volley ball and of course Bob's world famous synchronized swimming but it's been quite a while since I have participated in any of my favs. I did go play pool a couple of months ago and a few young fellows challenged me. And surprisingly they were hitting on 59 yo me. I am sure it was because I was wearing my scrub top, as I was on duty, and it shows a bit of cleavaaage when I'm in my position. LOL! So happy you feel like writing. I almost started back but I had too many rants and off color crap I needed to vent. May have to start another blog for that as I don't want to offend any of my hundreds of readers. LOL, Oh, please tell us what the Cork thing is. Wine related I am assuming.