Thursday, September 11, 2014

Trapped in an Elevator...AGAIN!

Lakeside - I went to Lakeside yesterday.  I didn't prepare a craft, instead we played Bingo with the residents and it was great.  Some highlights from the day...I got stuck in an elevator.  Not just any elevator, either. It was the oldest, smallest, hottest elevator in the history of the world. I checked.  I actually Googled "where is the oldest, smallest, hottest elevator in the world?" and Google said "Lakeside".  I knew it.  It was a long twenty seconds after I realized that damn moving coffin was not going anywhere.  When the doors finally opened I fell out into the lobby, gasping for fresh air, thrilled to be alive.  It actually wasn't quite that dramatic, but my heart was racing and I did hit the elevator alarm button about six times.  Remember when I got stuck in that elevator at work a while back?  No more elevators for me!

On the opposite end of the spectrum from my near death (for twenty seconds) experience I had a wonderful moment with my precious friend Lester.  I want him to be my grandpa.  Anyway, Lester has very recently gone back to school to be an addiction counselor. He is such a sweet soul and I am so proud of him for working towards this goal to be able to help others.  He told me that he turned in his first assignment (which needs a post all its own) and when he got it back the instructor had written "Wow!  Phenomenal!"  He was so proud and I just wanted to eat him up with a spoon.  It was a great day!

Bible Study - We started back with our little neighborhood bible study this past Tuesday evening.  There were fourteen of us in attendance!  That is a big crowd!  I am going to need to build some bleacher seating in the living room.  Super sweet ladies and I am already looking forward to next Tuesday!

Hair - I got my hair cut and colored this week.  THANK GOODNESS!

Health - Time to go hard core with my eating.  I cooked up some tilapia, salmon, brown rice and sweet potatoes tonight.  I have it portioned out in small tupperware containers ready to eat.  Now the hard part...choosing to eat the delicious, nutritious food I have prepared.

Looking for ten days of solid, clean eating.  Would you eat this for ten days in a row?

Rain - There is rain on the way AND cooler temperatures.  High in the 70's on Saturday!  WHAT?  It has been a very mild summer compared to summers in the past, but now that football has started it needs to start cooling off!  CANNOT WAIT! 

That is all I have....heading to bed!  Tomorrow is Friday! Woo Hoo!  

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  1. Ummm, looks yummy. Sounds good.... I'm not much for brown rice. I'd rather have brussel sprouts. Keep up the cleanse...